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Themed Events

If you're looking for Foam or Snow events then come right this way!

For Themed Events, you're in the right place!

Themed Event Samples

Over the years we’ve done all the usual parties and we still do them. They include:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Willie Wonka
  • Ibiza White Party
  • UV Party
  • Mardi Gras
  • Vegas / Casino 
  • 90s
  • 80s
  • Circus
  • Alternative Circus

That’s just a sample of the Themed Events that tend to be popular.

Event Performers

Our event performers at SHOW Dublin

We also provide event performers and we pride ourselves on sourcing and utilising performers who are a little more theatrical and are perfomers in the truest sense. We like working with a brief that looks for something a bit different.

We sourced performers in this vein for SHOW Dublin when it relaunched in July 2013. They are to be a regular weekend fixture in the venue. You can read more about our work for SHOW Dublin over here

We have our own GlowTrons show which we have developed from scratch. The show sees 2 amazing dancers in our GlowTrons suits doing a mix of choreography and freestlye performances as well as a walk-through and / or meet and greet element too. Check out the video of our soft launch event.

We do all the usual performers too:

  • Fire breathers
  • Club dancers
  • Stilt walkers
  • Drummers
  • Bongo & sax
  • Snake performers
  • Freak artists
  • Aerialists

Event Products

We've begun to stock and supply a number of products that we found clients were asking us for time and time again. 

They include the following:

Handheld Confetti Blasters

Click on the picture above to see these in action in our office. 

We stock these 80cm handheld confetti blasters in multi-coloured, white and metallic gold.

You don't need gas or anything to fire them. As you can see in the video above, you just twist and go.

Tyvek Wristbands (printed & plain)

We supply the best value plain Tyvek wristbands, irrespective of how many you buy.

We have no minimum orders and sell these at 12 cent each.

We often have special offers too when we sell them at even better value.

We are also supply custom printed Tyvek wristbands too, as per the picture there. 

Nobody can beat us on price for these. 

People have tried. 

Santa Hats

We sold around 20,000 Santa Hats for our first Christmas and that number pretty much doubles each year. 

Again, nobody is doing simple, good quality Santa Hats at the great value we are. 

We put in large advance orders months in advance for some clients and then we order 30,000 or so ourselves to have in stock as Christmas approaches and nightclub and venue clients will be looking for them.


We always have glowsticks / glow bracelets in stock. 

These are extremely popular and we cycle through the stock regularly. 

We're the best value for these in the country and we even have orders from the UK as we're cheaper than a lot of suppliers over there too. 

Sound-activated LED bracelets

Click on the picture above to see these in action.

These are a great product to add to any night time gig. 

They're sound-reactive LED bracelets, meaning they flash in time with the music. 

We have them in red, green and blue. 

Similar items retail in shops at €10 without the sound-reactive tech in them. 

We sell these, in bulk, at less than €3 each generally. 

Mardi Gras Masks & Beads

Mardi Gras is a very popular theme. 

A Mardi Gras effect can be achieved very economically by using masks and beads. 

We've been supplying these for a few years now and they're constantly in demand.

They're good quality and very visual. 

UV Face Paints

These 10ml UV Face Paints are perfect for parties and events for people to add a splash of colour to themselves.

They're available in 7 different colours. 

They are cosmetically certified and safe for skin.

We've been selling these at our PaintGlow events from the start and have never had an issue with them. 

Be careful with similar products. There are bogey ones out there. 

Kanye West (shutter) glasses

We stock these glasses in a variety of colours.

They tend to be very popular at under 18 events.

We sell them in bulk to nightclubs and promoters too. 

Bespoke Themed Events

Obviously, we can put other events together to suit you or your client. We love doing that actually. When doing that we get great use out of the huge white board wall in Cuckoo HQ. We come up with all sorts of elements, we run them by you to see if you like them and then we go off to pull it all together and find everything we need if we don’t have it already.

Then we make the event happen for you. You’re happy. We’re happy. Nice.

To talk performers, products, foam, snow or themes, just call us.

what we've done in Themed Events

'Cuckoo pulled out all the stoppers again and we were impressed more than ever with the amazing job you guys did.'

Áine Crotty - Chairperson of CASSD Committee

'The event was a great success, in no small part thanks to the Cuckoo Team and particularly Elaine. The continuous communication in the run up to the event was invaluable and Cuckoo were always on hand to help with any last minute queries or requests.'

Tara Regan, Programme Manager, National Dairy Council

'Over the course of the event we benefited from Cuckoo’s professional perspective and will be implementing more improvements in 2016 based on their recommendations. Engaging Cuckoo Events was excellent value for the input they made to improving Cork Science Festival both in 2015 and into its second decade. I have no hesitation in recommending Cuckoo Events, and I hope to work with them again.'

Marcela Whelan-Kelly, Coordinator, Cork Science Festival

The Darkness Into Light events are truly special. The atmosphere at them is something we don't experience at any other events. We were delighted to be asked to help the committee run the one in Malahide Castle. 

'It was obvious from the outset that Cuckoo were engaged and understood the subtleties and special nature of our event, while coping with the large numbers it attracts. They were always willing and able to listen and take our needs on board, and were proactive and flexible in their approach.'

Jason Flynn, Chairperson, Dublin LGBTQ Pride Ltd.

'The Cuckoo Team were enthusiastic and professional and everything ran so smoothly on the day.'

Claire Walsh, Zendesk

"Elaine was a pleasure to deal with from the initial planning stages and most helpful in suggesting ideas for us and working within our budget. 

The team on the day delivered a superb seamless service."

Gillian Duffy, District Society Manager and Events Manager

This was our latest activation in Wolfe Tone Square. An element of the Polska-Éire Festival, which took place all around the country, it was a two-day free family fun event. It went ver ywell despite the weather's attempts to scupper it on the first day. 

"The Ball was fantastic. Everyone was genuinely impressed. It couldn’t have gone / looked better than the way it did! The compliments were flowing in and all the rest of the committee were delighted with Elaine and her approach and helpfulness and behind the scenes work."

Sean P O'Sullivan, CASSD

''The team in Cuckoo managed our Summer in Dublin activity over 5 weekends in the city centre. There was an additional benefit of social media interaction facilitated by Cuckoo posting pictures live from the events. We look forward to working with them on similar activity again in the future."

Clyde Carroll, Director of Marketing & Communications, DublinTown

"We decided to work with Cuckoo on this event because their proposal best matched our objectives. The event was a great success and was well managed."

Clyde Carroll, Director of Marketing & Communications, DublinTown

"As always, all tasks were delivered to the highest standard and with the dedication and professionalism that we expect from your staff. We very much look forward to working with you again in the future."

Fiona O'Reilly, Fingal County Council Events

"The performers on the swing were a credit to themselves and Cuckoo. They were the talk of the town! We're delighted with what Cuckoo have done for us and look forward to working with them more!"

Holly Pryor, SHOW Dublin

Thoughts from Cuckoo HQ

Hi there! We don't really operate as Cuckoo Events any longer.

The majority of our work now is done as Safe Events. This website is still live as there are a LOT of resources on here - particularly in our Blog section - that people still access very regularly. If that's why you're here, carry on!

If you're looking to maybe speak with us about working with you on your event, then click below and come see us at Safe Events.