PaintGlow is Europe’s Largest Paint Party and we OWN it in Ireland. Nobody else can offer this.

It’s a UV paint party but not like any you’ll have seen before. This is a full stage show featuring custom-built equipment.

Here’s a quick rundown on what’s involved in a typical PaintGlow show:

  • 300 litres of safe UV paint
  • Multiple stage shows per event
  • 2 double barrel cannons
  • 2 bazookas
  • 5 blasters
  • 1 lance
  • UV lighting
  • Min 2 operators

Do people go to PaintGlow shows?

Yes. Yes they do.

Here are a few of those we have done PaintGlow for:

  • UL (5 shows)
  • DIT
  • WIT
  • UCC
  • Mary Immaculate College
  • Karma, Galway
  • The Hub, Kilkenny (multiple shows)
  • Pure, Sligo
  • Tigerlily, Kildare
  • Green Pastures Church, Ballymena (yes, a church!)
  • Queens, Ennis (double show)
  • SinBin, Limerick
  • The Grill, Letterkenny
  • The Village, Dublin

Take a look at the UL example here to see how well it worked for them.

What about cleaning up the mess?

We have not done a PaintGlow show for any client where they haven’t been amazed at how good a show it is AND how easily it cleans up. Think about it. It HAS to clean up. Otherwise we would not be getting invited back to venues for more shows. It generally doesn’t require any specialised equipment, just some warm water, cloths and mops.

We’ve done indoor shows and outdoor shows. We’ve done big empty warehouse venues and we’ve done pubs with nooks and crannies. We’ve done nightclubs with fancy seating and we’ve done nightclubs where they don’t care too much where the paint lands. They’ve all cleaned up fine.

The paint is heavily diluted and simply wipes off. It’s generally around an extra 30 mins of cleaning.

What else do I need to know?

If you’re a venue manager, promoter, Ents Officer etc. and thinking of booking a PaintGlow show, then here’s the guts of it:

  • We have full Public Liability insurance of €6.5 million
  • We have full Employer’s Liability insurance
  • Our insurance specifies these PaintGlow parties
  • We provide 10m x 10m of safety matting
  • Our specially formulated paint has passed the EU Cosmetic Regulations introduced in July 2013
  • We can give you full, ready to go artwork for YOUR PaintGlow show
  • We have MSDS sheets for the paint too
  • We have a Risk Assessment for every event
  • We have a Disclaimer document you can use
  • It’s a ridiculously good, high-energy stage show and you’ll be asking us back

Right, I’m interested. What next?

We have a handy PDF called This Is PaintGlow ready to go. Just drop us a mail to and we’ll send it straight on!

This Is PaintGlow includes the following:

  • Full details on the show
  • All the videos
  • Photos
  • Artwork samples
  • Details on the merchandise with the show
  • Details on extra options (custom boiler suits etc.)
  • Testimonials & contact details for people who have booked the show
  • Proof of Insurance
  • MSDS sheet for our paint powder
  • Clean-Up & Prep Guide
  • Show Requirements
  • Branding Requirements
  • Risk Assessment
  • Disclaimer

If you prefer talking to someone on the phone, then give us a shout.

We like to talk. 

what we've done in Paintglow

"Cuckoo have been great to work with. They deliver what they say they will and they do and are generous with their time and advice."

Sarah Canning, The Hub, Kilkenny

"We did PaintGlow to launch our Freshers Week. It sold out and we could have sold it out twice. It was mental."

Keith Quinlan, Promotions & Events Manager, ULSU

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