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Foam and Snow

We do the biggest and best Foam & Snow Events in the country. 

That's a bold statement but we stand by it.

We OWN the 2 biggest cannons in the country. They are affectionately named The Beast & The Baby Beast.

If you want Foam or Snow done right, then you need our cannons. 

Foam Events

Our Foam Parties are extremely popular. We do loads of them every year as venues find they're guaranteed to put a load of people in a room.

Check out this video of us doing a huge outdoor foam party in UL. The cannon you see most in this one is The Baby Beast. It was on the main stage. 

A few things to know about our Foam Parties:

  • We're fully insured with 'foam parties' specified on our insurance.
  • We use ONLY the best foam fluid on the market. This means tiny, if any, risk of skin or eye irritation. We haven't had any issues. 
  • Our Foam Parties are deisgned to be proper parties with loads of foam. We don't just do 'foam for the sake of foam' kind of gigs.
  • Our foam parties use 'wet foam'. (All foam is wet, in fairness.) It has never been known to 'warp' dance floors or anything like that. The majority of the foam tends to leave on the people. The rest you squeegee out of the venue. Simple.
  • Ideally we need a constant hosed water supply from the mains for the duration of the show.

Here's a picture of a client on stage with The Beast right before we do a massive Foam Party. It'll give you an idea of the size of the cannon.

Here's a great shot of what a 10 second blast of The Baby Beast can do. This was for a Foam Party in Murray's on O'Connell St. in Dublin on 17th August 2013. 

We pride ourselves on doing the biggest and best Foam Parties around. 

Madness guaranteed - if that's what you want.

We can do tamer / smaller ones too with less foam and less madness if you'd prefer. 

We prefer doing THIS though!

Snow Events

We also do great Snow Parties and snow effects for all sorts of events around the country. 

Check out this Christmas video from Republic of Telly using our machines to make snow happen. The snow kicks in at around 2 mins into the video.

Here are some other snow effects we've done.

They're not great pictures, sorry!

A few things to know about our Snow Parties:

  • The 'snow' is, effectively, a very light foam.
  • In order for the 'blanket of snow' on the ground effect to work properly the ground needs to be dry and it needs to be cold out. Wet ground will simply cause it to dissipate quickly and warmth / heat will do the same. Bear this in mind if you're looking at doing snow outdoors.
  • It's not messy. Especially if you're doing a snow fall effect. The 'snowflakes' land on people and dissipate. It doesn't have to 'build up' on the ground if you don't want it to. If you're looking for a 'blanket of snow', as per above, then yes, there'll be a blanket of foam on the ground. 
  • We do not need a constant hose supply to mains water to do the snow.
  • We can provide power to do the snow outside, so do not necessarily need to be hooked up to mains power.

We can do anything from light snow falls to blizzards and everything in between, depending on what effect you want. 

We work with our clients to give them exactly what they want. 

The types of things we've done snow at include:

  • Christmas sporting events
  • Christmas themed events
  • Shopping centre events
  • Nightlcub Snow Parties
  • Santa's Grottos
  • Photo shoots
  • Video shoots
  • 'Turning on of the lights' type events
  • Church group events
  • Christmas markets

Get In Touch

If you're interested in Foam or Snow, just drop us a line on 01 640 1575 or a mail to hello@cuckoo.ie

what we've done in Foam and Snow

"As always, all tasks were delivered to the highest standard and with the dedication and professionalism that we expect from your staff. We very much look forward to working with you again in the future."

Fiona O'Reilly, Fingal County Council Events

This was our first snow gig of the 2013 season and it saw us on Grafton St. at stupid o'clock in the morning making snow happen for Brown Thomas to use in their Christmas shoot. 

This was probably our most mental foam party yet. We had the two cannons out for this U18s event in The Hub in Kilkenny. 1000 happy kids. Boom. 

"It was brilliant. As usual you guys delivered! Love working with you guys!"

Samantha Smyth, Green Pastures Church

"We were delighted to work with Mark and his colleagues in Cuckoo. I look forward to working with them again soon!"

Lucy Grant, SULU Events

Thoughts from Cuckoo HQ

Hi there! We don't really operate as Cuckoo Events any longer.

The majority of our work now is done as Safe Events. This website is still live as there are a LOT of resources on here - particularly in our Blog section - that people still access very regularly. If that's why you're here, carry on!

If you're looking to maybe speak with us about working with you on your event, then click below and come see us at Safe Events.