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What we’ve done in Themed Events

Wilde Venue, Dublin, New Year's Eve 2012

Back in September 2012 we had a client who asked us to source a load of Mardi Gras gear at short notice (masks, beads and so on). We sourced some fantastic stuff from our suppliers in the States. The client was in such a hurry for the stuff that the express delivery costs were big. To make it more worthwhile we decided we’d order extra masks to have in stock here ourselves.

We figured at the time that we’d only have them til NYE at the latest and that we’d surely be able to sell them on for masquerade balls for NYE.

And so it came to pass.

We sold a lot of the extra stock in advance of NYE but we did have some stock left and we were determined that our plan would come to fruition!

We got in touch with a number of clubs doing masquerade ball type events for NYE and offered them our stock of masks at a very good price.

Wilde Venue snapped them up and we dropped them down to them in person.

The general gist of it

  • 6 different types of feather mask
  • 3 different colours of eye mask
  • 4 emails, deal done
  • 1 quick trip to drop them to the client
  • 1 packed club on NYE
  • 1 happy client

Why we loved this one

We’re a bit like Hannibal in The A Team sometimes – we love it when a plan comes together. Our instinct was to buy extra stock and make the shipping costs for the original order represent more value. We figured we’d sell the stock for NYE events at the latest and that’s what happened. Nice one. 

Some of the challenges

There were no challenges on this one. We contacted Wilde Venue and offered them the stock at a good price and they took it all off our hands. Bing, bang, bosh, as Martin would say. 

happy client says

"The masks were great – thank you!"

Naoise, Wilde Venue