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What we’ve done in Event Management

Team Building Day, Fashion Retailer

This was a team building day for the Irish staff of a large fashion retailer based in the UK. We were approached about this one at less than a week's notice after the client's UK event company let them down late in the day.

We do like to be the people who can take something on at late notice and make it happen but we're also very careful to only take on jobs we know we can deliver and deliver well.

With this job coming to us so late in the day we took a half day to look into it to make sure we could make it happen and to give the client exaclty what they wanted. 

We looked into it, decided we could do it, priced it up and got the go ahead from the client and off we went. 

Team building events are not something we specifically advertise that we do but an event is an event. 

Things needed sourcing and organising and we got to it and made it happen. 

The venue was Woodquay Venue and Mark and the team in there were a joy to deal with throughout the entire event!

The general gist of it

  • 20 motivated shop staff
  • 1 large pipe & drape framework
  • 2 large rolls of plastic sheeting
  • 60cm X 50cm canvases
  • 1 amazing venue
  • A whole lot of velcro
  • 1 great team
  • 1 happy client 
  • LOTS of paint
  • Very little mess

Why we loved this one

We really do love being able to look after new clients at short notice. 

This job gave us the opportunity to do just that and to do so knowing we could deliver exactly what the client was looking for. 

Some of the challenges

The short time frame was the only real challenge with this one.

We were lucky that we'd some staff resources we could allocate to looking into this to see if we could pull it off. At other times, if the entire team were tied up on other immediate jobs then we wouldn't have been able to turn this one around so quickly.