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What we’ve done in Event Production

Dublin Town 'Summer in Dublin', Summer 2014

We teamed up with the nice folks in Dublin Town to put on some free family fun in 2 locations in the City Centre for 5 weekends in August & September 2014. Clyde, Amanda and the team in Dublin Town wanted to bring smiles to faces and that's what we specialise in.

5 weekends of free activity at 2 locations in the City centre. Nice. 

We worked with the Dublin Town team to put together a schedule of activities, which we knew would work well for them. 

Some things ALWAYS work. Face painters, balloon modellers, free balloons - these keep people happy. They always work. So, what we set out to do was to do the usuals but to add something extra to it.

We explored lots of different options and we settled on trying the gyroscope and the photo booth car. We'd used these on other events and we really felt they'd work beautifully as part of this activity too. 

As it turns out, they worked so well that we alternated their locations each weekend and they were flat out for the 4 hours each Saturday that they were open for business. 

The whole thing went really well. Happy shoppers, happy client happy Cuckoo. Just like the Happiness Wheel says. 

The general gist of it

  • 1 photo booth car
  • 1 gyroscope
  • 1600 balloons
  • lots of clowns
  • facepainters
  • balloon modellers
  • giant games
  • lots of friendly Gardaí]
  • happy Cuckoo staff
  • some future chess Grand Masters

Why we loved this one

We loved this activity for a couple of reasons. 

The first is that we always enjoy something with a simple brief of #makinghappyhappen

Putting together fun for people in a setting they may not be expecting it is always a good one. 

Once people wrapped their heads around every element being free, they really got into it and were massively appreciative. The feedback from the local businesses was superb too. 

The other reason we enjoyed it was that working with Dublin Town is a joy. The team in there know their stuff and they know what they want. In that respect, they're a good client. There's very little uncertainty and messing around. 

Some of the challenges

The only real challenge on this one was making sure we could staff the 2 locations every Saturday as well as covering the other events and work we had on. 

It needed good bodies to 'activate' the activity (if you get me?). Just HAVING the stuff there was only one element. We needed people who would actively get into the swing of things and make sure it worked. 

happy client says

''The team in Cuckoo managed our Summer in Dublin activity over 5 weekends in the city centre.

They built on what had been done previously, taking it to the next level.

The activity Cuckoo produced for these events delivered on the event objective of the public having a positive experience in the areas.

There was an additional benefit of social media interaction facilitated by Cuckoo posting pictures live from the events

The feedback among the businesses and the public in general was positive. 

We look forward to working with them on similar activity again in the future."

Clyde Carroll, Director of Marketing & Communications, DublinTown