What we’ve done in Foam and Snow

Snow, Brown Thomas photo shoot, Sept 2013

This was our first snow gig of the 2013 Christmas season. Brown Thomas were doing a photo shoot at the Grafton St. branch as part of their Christmas campaign and they needed snow.

Once we had established the goals of the shoot (stills, rather than video) we knew exactly how we would achieve the desired effect for them.

For this gig they needed a company that could be flexible and work with them, given the particular challenges on this shoot; it would be very early morning and it would be on Grafton St. in Dublin.

We worked closely with Marion, the Art Director for the shoot, as well as the photographer and Brown Thomas operational staff in the planning stages for the shoot. We did a number of site visits to make sure all angles were covered too. We don't like leaving things to chance on our events, especially in a high profile location like Grafton St.

We ended up organising crowd control barriers for the shoot too, just to ensure everything was safe and that we caused as little disruption to normal service on Grafton St. as possible.

On the morning the ground was wetter than was ideal so achieving the effect on the ground took a good bit of work and topping up etc. but we got it done. The weather is sadly one of those things we can't control. 

In the end it was all done and done within the time frame agreed, so happy days. 

As can happen with big campaigns like this, Brown Thomas didn't actually end up using any of this imagery in the end. They went a different direction with their creative for Christmas. 

The general gist of it

  • 4am start
  • 1 large snow machine
  • 25 crowd control barriers
  • 1 helpful DCC road sweeper
  • 3 beautiful Christmas trees
  • A small bit of UNhelpful rain
  • Strict 8am deadline
  • 1 happy photographer

Why we loved this one

This was a gig for a high profile client in a high profile location with some particular challenges. We love being presented with situations like that. Sometimes we need the client to just trust us that we know what we're doing and that we know the pressures they're under and that we'll make it work for them. We then love doing exactly that.

Some of the challenges

There were a couple of challenges on this job. The first was the weather. For us to create the 'blanket of snow' effect on the ground, we ideally need it to be cold and dry. If it's too warm or wet then the snow will not sit well and will dissipate faster than we want.

The second challenge resulted from the location. At the time DCC were re-laying various sections of Grafton St. so we were on a strict timeline to be in and out, while still ensuring the client got what they needed from the shoot. Thankfully we made it all work.