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What we’ve done in Themed Events

SHOW Dublin Launch, July 2013

We were approached by the management of the new SHOW Dublin venue a few months before they were due to launch. They asked us to come on board and help them conceptualise a new approach to in-club performers. They wanted more theatrical performers rather than the usual club dancers. That's what we found them.

One of the most exciting elements of the new SHOW Dublin venue was the plan to have a swing positioned in the building which almost formed a spine between spiral steps down into the venue. The swing's positioning means it and the performers on it are visible from various levels within the club which heightens their impact when they're performing. 

Along with the swing position there are floor performance spaces in the centre of the club just off the dance floor.

We sourced a range of performers new to the club performance scene here in Ireland and they proved to be fantastic over the launch weekend. 

We have 2 fantastic Venezuelan performers who are as at home up on the swing as they are on ground. We have actresses and models all performing more so than dancing. 

The general gist of it

  • 2 crazy Venezuelan performers
  • 1 custom built retractable swing
  • one very effective safety harness
  • countless costume changes per night
  • 1 important backup remote for the swing
  • numerous interesting production meetings
  • thousands of photos taken on the launch night
  • 1 gigantic full length mirror

Why we loved this one

We do love being involved in projects like this from the very start. When a client says they want something different in an are that can be very 'samey' we do get excited at the prospect of putting something new and exciting together for them. We also love finding like-minded performers who get what we're trying to do and fit perfectly with the vision for the product. 

Some of the challenges

The biggest challenge on this one has been, and will likely continue to be, sourcing more performers who are as good on the swing as our current team. 

happy client says

"We asked Cuckoo to work with us to put together something different that mirrored the venue we had created. We needed performers who were not the usual club performers. We wanted them to be more theatrical, interactive and work in a role playing manner. Cuckoo sourced some fantastic people for us and have also since helped us with concepts for performers and costumes etc. moving forward. The performers on the swing specifically were a credit to themselves and Cuckoo. They were the talk of the town! We're delighted with what Cuckoo have done for us and look forward to working with them more!"
Holly Pryor, SHOW Dublin