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What we’ve done in Event Production

#GLShootout, Grafton Lounge, July 2014

The lads in the Grafton Lounge came to us looking to do some activity to coincide with some of the World Cup games in July. They wanted a penalty shootout setup outside the bar so customers could have some fun.

We know the lads in Grafton Lounge for a good while now but hadn't done anything for them til this activity. 

They came to us with it fairly late in the day but we were delighted to be able to turn it around on time and on budget for them. 

On the days, the activity went down really well. We'd people coming from all the adjacent streets, businesses and bars to take penalties and join in the fun. 


The general gist of it

  • 1 Dundalk FC goalkeeper
  • 2 different days
  • some flukey Grafton Lounge staff
  • some great saves
  • 1 set of goalposts
  • 1 crowd backdrop
  • some handy pipe and drape
  • a little traffic
  • a few Heinekens
  • 1 lost football
  • 3 goalkeepers
  • 1 crazy local man

Why we loved this one

The lads in the Grafton Lounge called us on a Friday evening, with less than a week's notice, on this one and they figured it probably couldn't be done in that time. 

We explained it'd likely be the Monday before we'd have costs but that it could definitely be done. 

We knew where to get everything we needed and we just had to get the right people on the phone. 

We were able to tell them immediately that it could be done, for sure and that we'd get right on it. 

We love that. 

Some of the challenges

The timeline on this one was short. We made it work though.

The actual set up time on the days of the events was limited too, given the external and public location. 

With the right planning and timing we got it done on time on both days. 

happy client says

‘We had this idea for a penalty shootout during the World Cup. We called the lads in Cuckoo to see could it be done. I’m pretty sure they’d make ANY mad ideas we came up with happen.

They turned the event around really quickly, getting me costs on everything so I could decide on how to proceed.

We did the activity twice in the space of a couple of weeks and it worked really well for us. I couldn’t fault the guys in Cuckoo. They’re good to deal with.’

John Ennis, General Manager, Grafton Lounge