What we’ve done in Event Safety

Sea Sessions, June 2013

Sea Sessions is one of those gigs that we’d earmarked as one we’d like to be involved in. Some of us had been to it as a punter and it’s just a super little festival and one with some unique elements and considerations, from a nerdy event management perspective.

So, our first involvement saw us providing the Safety Officer for the festival as well as a Production / Stage Manager, Artist Liaison as well as looking after some airport transfers for some of the acts in the sparkling clean Cuckoo jeep, complete with Refreshers sweets for them and all! It’s a fully comprehensive service that we provide here in Cuckoo Events.

It was a super weekend. We enjoyed it immensely. If, like us, you genuinely get your kicks from seeing a load of happy people at a gig, then Sea Sessions is like nourishing food for your soul! So many happy people enjoying some great acts in a beautiful setting right by the beach in Bundoran, Co. Donegal.

If you’ve not been, go. It’s that simple.

The general gist of it

  • 1 massive big top marquee
  • 2 beautiful inflatable dome tents
  • Nearly 4999 happy punters
  • Numerous crazy big wave surfers
  • 2 Tentmasters
  • 1 busy beer tent
  • 550 people in an inflatable dome to see Pat Byrne – no joke
  • 4 young lads from Cavan rocking the main stage (The Strypes)
  • 1 set of bunk beds - again, no joke
  • 1 very helpful Colly
  • 1 big red Eco Bus serving serious steak ciabattas
  • At least 1 very clever booker, possibly more
  • 1 wicked break-dancing 3 year old girl
  • 3 exhausted but delighted Cuckoo team members

Why we loved this one

It’s just a great vibe. It really is. It’s hard to put words on it but we’ve worked pretty much all the main festivals in Ireland and the vibe at Sea Sessions is different, in a good way. I’d definitely recommend going along as a punter if you haven’t been yet.

For event people like us, it’s got a lot going for it. It’s a nice compact site, with a good capacity, great proximity to the town and some spectacular scenery to make use of as part of the programming. Added to that you have a team of people running it who are local and know what they’re doing. You don’t often get that. 

Some of the challenges

Sea Sessions takes place right down by the beach in Bundoran. It’s a big surfing and kite-surfing area. That means wind; sometimes some big wind. It’s a Surf Music Festival, after all, so the surf is important and you don’t get surf without wind.

When you’ve got temporary structures like big top marquees to fit 2700 people and inflatable domes to fit 550 people, then wind will always be a consideration. When you’re the Safety Officer, it’s practically your main consideration.

The wind kept us busy, as well as keeping the Tentmasters on their toes and earning their money for the weekend.

happy client says

"I got the Cuckoo team involved in Sea Sessions after working with them on acts for another event. I could see the enthusiasm on that one and felt they could be a great addition to the team at Sea Sessions.

What I know now is that, with Cuckoo, you get more than you pay for. Always willing to do more than required and always willing to turn their hand if any job arises.  

They're great all round event people and are really  good at what they do. I will most definitely be looking to involve them in Sea Sessions again next year."

Ray O’Donoghue, Promoter, Sea Sessions