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What we’ve done in Event Management

Scouting For Girls, UL Freshers Week 2014

This gig sold out VERY quickly resulting in the largest crowd for an outdoor gig in the Students' Union courtyard in UL ever. We provided the Safety Officer and Production Manager.

We've done a good bit of work with Keith and the team in the Students' Union in UL. 

We worked on a huge 2ManyDJs gig with them last year in the courtyard space and, at the time, that was the biggest gig that had happened in there. 

Now this Scouting For Girls gig is the biggest that has been put on in the courtyard in UL. 

2300 people enjoyed their first big outdoor gig in UL as part of Freshers Week. 

We managed them into the space by using a disney queue system, leading into a 4 channels for searches. Initially the ratio of girls to guys going in was around 4:1 so we had 3 of the channels for the girls and 1 for the guys.

As time passed this balance redressed itself and we reallocated one of the girls' channels back to the boys. This meant we were getting people in as quick as possible at all times. 

Once the event was over we managed buses outside the venue to get people safely and quickly on their way into the after party event in town. 

As well as all that, Martin in here was Production Manager for the gig. Scouting For Girls are very particular about the gear they use and Martin and the local crew were on top of it from the outset. This meant for a very happy band and a fantastic performance. 

Everything worked well, thanks to a good team.

The general gist of it

  • 2300 people
  • 1 huge backup generator
  • 35 two-way radios
  • 1 van load of specilaised sound gear
  • 1 Supermacs popup
  • 28 staff
  • 2 backup guitars
  • loads of hit songs

Why we loved this one

We love working on events in UL. 

Keith and his team are great to deal with and we've a long history with UL.

This was the biggest gig they had done in the courtyard and we loved being a part of putting it together and managing it well for them.

There's always a great vibe at Freshers Weeks events anyway and it was even more special for this one. Scouting For Girls were insanely popular and the energy at the event itself was superb. 

A great one to be part of. 

Some of the challenges

The larger numbers for this one presented some challenges in relation to managing the ingress of the 2300 attendees as well as their egress once the event was done. 

We needed to put a plan and some systems in place to ensure it would all run smoothly. 

We did that and things went to plan. 

happy client says

"We had Mark down as Safety Officer for this event and Martin working as the Stage Manager.

Having the Cuckoo team on site at the event allowed me to focus on the overall management of the event.

The guys were a massive help to have onboard and as always, went above and beyond both before, during, and after the event.

Time and time again the Cuckoo Events team prove their value for us down in UL, and it's easy to justify the additional spend for the added value they bring to the table."

Keith Quinlan, Promotions & Events Manager, UL Students’ Union