What we’ve done in Event Production

Run For Your Lives, Malahide Castle, Oct 2014

Run For Your Lives was the first-ever 5km zombie-infested obstacle race in Ireland. We worked with the client for months & months on this one and all the work was well worth it on the day. 2500 people ran it with 100 zombies standing between them and the Safe Zone.

Working with the team in Youth Nation on this one was fantastic. 

Work began back during the Summer when we sat to discuss the real potential of this event.

Mark and the folks in Youth Nation knew there was a market for an event like this. The combination of a 5km, structured course, the obstacles elements and the inclusion of the zombie theme and zombie participants meant the event would appeal on numerous fronts.

They knew what they could bring to it - access to the market, effective marketing & promotion, volunteer provision etc. What they needed was a professional event partner.

That's where we came in. 

What we did

We were involved in this one from the outset and looked after a wide range of elements. 

  • Venue Management
    • Site research & evaluation
    • Site securing & negotiation
  • Event Design
    • Route design
    • Obstacle location design
    • Map design and production
  • Production Management & Support
    • Provisions of Site Manager
    • Supplier sourcing
    • Registration-area design
    • Provision of Production Crew
    • Provision of minor temporary structures
    • Sourcing of medium temporary structures
  • Budget & Insurance Management
    • Quotation sourcing
    • Budget balancing
    • Payment coordination
    • Arrangement of insurance cover
    • Management of supplier insurances
  • Obstacles
    • Research & design of bespoke obstacles
    • Management of obstacle manufacture
    • Review of structural safety elements during production & installation
  • Event & Safety Management
    • Production of comprehensive Event Management Plan
    • Risk assessments for all event elements
    • Medical management
  • Staffing
    • Provision of Event Controller, Safety Officer, Zone Supervisors, Site Manager and Site Crew
    • Sourcing & coordination of Medical personnel, security personnel & volunteers
  • Post-Event
    • Production of comprehensive Post-Event Review
    • Follow-up meetings

The general gist of it

  • 2500 happy participants
  • 100 zombies
  • 13 hour build day
  • 250 bales of hay
  • 150 tyres
  • 8 metre drops
  • 20 make up artists
  • 1 buggy
  • 2 bicycles
  • a lot of scaffolding & truss
  • Multiple flatbed trucks
  • Forklifts & moffetts

Why we loved this one

We LOVE being involved in brand new events.

Doing something that hasn't been done before and doing it well is always extremely gratifying. 

We had never done an obstacle event like this before and were really glad to get the opportunity to do one. We had to work closely with the client and the team designing and building the obstacles to make sure everything worked.

The build was a long one and we all worked into the night to make sure everything was perfect. 

We enjoyed every hour of it. 

Some of the challenges

The main challenge on this one was to deisgn the event so it'd be as good as it could be.

From designing the route through to designing tough, challenging obstacles, while still ensuring they'd be safe and fit for purpose, this whole thing was new to us.

It was a challenge but it was one we knew we could do.

We put together a great team to make it happen and that's what makes the difference. 

happy client says

‘When we decided to take on the challenge of creating Run For Your Lives, we knew it was different and we'd have to be flexible throughout the course of the project.

In line with this challenge we required an event management company who were versatile, willing to try something new and had a very strong emphasise on organisation and safety.

Mark and Martin (Cuckoo) were involved in the process from venue selection to supplier contracting, leaving our focus on developing the concept and marketing and promoting the event.

The event was a great success for us. We'll be doing another one in Dublin in 2015 and the lads in Cuckoo are looking at other venues around the country for us too.

I'd happily recommend Cuckoo. They help make it happen, while ensuring everything is done the right way.'

Mark Jacobs, Co-Founder & CFO, Youth Nation