What we’ve done in Event Production

Polska-Eire Family Fun Day, March, 2015

We were tasked with putting on a weekend of free family fun activity in Wolfe Tone Square as part of the national Polska Éire Festival 2015. We'd done similar activity in there before, which was very successful.

We were delighted to work with Dublin Town and Dublin City Council on this one. We looked after every element of the activity across the weekend, including the programming, management and safety etc. We designed the layout of the site and the elements we'd include, all in order to maximise the use of the space and to ensure maximum enjoyment for those who came along. 

What we did

We know what activity works well in Wolfe Tone Square and we know what fit and where it should go. We based this event on ones we'd done in there previously, while adding and enhancing various elements. 

  • Event Planning
    • Production of Event Management Plan
    • Stakeholder liaison
    • Safe capacity calculations
    • Production of event maps
  • Activity Programming
    • Sourcing & booking of all event elements
    • Scheduling of activities
    • Budget management
  • Safety Management
    • Oversight of all safety arrangements
    • Coordination of contractor documentation
  • Staffing
    • Provision of Event Controller
    • Provision of Safety Officer
    • Provision of Event Management staff
    • Provision of Site Crew

The general gist of it

  • 2 inflatable attractions
  • 1 very popular craft area
  • 1 large soft play area
  • 1 outdoor fussball game
  • multiple over-sized outdoor games
  • 8 picnic benches

Why we loved this one

We enjoy doing these family fun events. We also particularly enjoy doing events in Wolfe Tone Square.

Seeing happy families enjoying activity where there regularly isn't any, like Wolfe Tone Square, gives us a special sense of satisfaction. 

Some of the challenges

The biggest challenge on this one was the bad weather on the Saturday. The unavoidable truth of running outdoor events in Ireland is that the weather can mess up all your best laid plans.

The Saturday saw very strong winds, which obviously impacted on both the planned activities and the attending numbers

Luckily the Sunday was a whole lot better.