What we’ve done in Event Safety

Ploughing Championships, Sept 2013

This was our first time being involved in the Ploughing Championships. It''s a HUGE event and we were delighted to get an opportunity to be a part of it with the National Dairy Council.

We were brought in by Mags in Health & Safety Essentials to work with the National Dairy Council on their activity at the Ploughing Championships 2013.

Mags has been working with Lynda, Zoe and co in the NDC for a few years now but was caught up with some other work this year so she got us involved in their early planning for their 2013 activity.

We met with them and we got on well from the start. We worked with them and their suppliers to ensure the NDC Dome and all that went with it would be a big attraction at the Ploughing as well as being safe and manageable from an operational point of view.

All the planning went well, as did the 4 days on site at the Ploughing including the build day on the Monday.

The Dome is a large attraction each year and, as such, saw constant crowds in attendance, meaning we were busy all day every day.

They were long days but they were good days.

The general gist of it

  • Over 200,000 people
  • 1 lad who beat the penalty shootout
  • A lovely chef (Phelim)
  • 1 SUPER early start for TV3 broadcast
  • Thousands of NDC pens
  • 1 Millie the Cow
  • Countless litres of milk used
  • Thousands of ski pole sticks
  • 1 very impressive trophy
  • A record 9 people in the photo booth

Why we loved this one

This was our first experience of the Ploughing Championships. It's truly difficult to imagine the scale of the Ploughing unless you've actually been to it. With over 200,000 people going through over the 3 days, it's beyond busy. We loved being involved in a large element of it, right smack bang in the middle of the site.

We'd Ministers of State in and out all week due to the profile of the National Dairy Council. We enjoyed getting stuck in and doing what it took to make the whole thing work seamlessly for the NDC.

Some of the challenges

The main challenge of this one was as a result of the popularity of the NDC Dome. People who had been before knew what to expect and those who were new to the Ploughing quickly heard about the 2 main attractions of the Dome; the photo booth and the penalty shoot out. The resulting crowds needed good planning and management.

We were lucky to have one of the part time Cuckoo team Rob with us on this one. He's worked large events for us for years and knows crowds and queueing systems. Having him there ensured we were effectively managing the crowd at all times and that everyone was safe.