What we’ve done in Paintglow

PaintGlow, The Hub, Kilkenny, March 2013

This story starts back in September 2012 when we did a PaintGlow show for Waterford Institute of Technology as part of their Freshers’ Week. One of the many happy customers at that one was a nice girl named Aoife who then went on to work in The Hub in Kilkenny for work experience as part of her course.

Early in 2012 we got a call from Sarah in The Hub. She was looking at options on shows to put in there to test the waters with the local U18s market, specifically. The Hub is a nice big venue and was regularly doing the likes of Keith Barry and Sharon Shannon etc. Sarah had been tasked with looking at options beyond those types of gigs. Aoife had told her about PaintGlow and how great it was and how it’d be perfect for what they wanted to do.

So, we drove down to them and spent a few hours talking to them about what they were looking to do, what their goals were, whether PaintGlow would suit and more. We got on well with the two ladies. They’re very genuine people and we wanted to help them out.

Between us all, we decided an U18 PaintGlow show was right for them to test the U18 market in the area. They got BeatFM on board as well as working with the local NO Name Club.

The result was a WHOPPER PaintGlow show that we’re very annoyed we didn’t get filmed on the night. It. Was. Mental.

Attendance was huge, especially considering they hadn’t done a show like that before AND that there was a local rugby club doing an U18 gig that night too.

Sarah had practically booked in a second show before we left on the night and that 2nd show came to pass in July 2013. 

The general gist of it

  • 1200  people
  • 700 litres of paint
  • 4 operators on stage
  • 14 UV cannons
  • 6 UV strip lights
  • 1 very useful fire hose
  • 1 very full van
  • Hundreds of Kanye West glasses
  • 1 perfectly clean venue when we left
  • 1 very happy client

Why we loved this one

We enjoyed making a success of what was, for Sarah, Aoife and The Hub, a new departure and, essentially, a risk. We are very confident in our PaintGlow show and how happy it makes the punters. What we couldn’t control was putting people in a room. Sarah and co. were responsible for selling tickets and getting word out etc. They did that really well. We put on a superb show. Happy days. 

Some of the challenges

The only real challenge to this one was getting good UV coverage in a venue that’s 17,000 sq foot with a ceiling 2 storeys high. We brought extra UV cannons and strip lights and had the lighting rig lowered so as to give us a better UV wash. It did the trick and the UV effect wasn’t lost at all. It looked super.  

happy client says

"Cuckoo have been great to work with. They've been generous with their time and advice and we found this very helpful in moving into a different area of business.

The PaintGlow show they did for us in March was a huge success, prompting us to do another one in July, such was the demand and feedback from those who attended. They deliver what they say they will and they do so while being nice about it."

Sarah Canning, The Hub, Kilkenny