What we’ve done in Paintglow

PaintGlow, Freshers Week, UL, Sept 2012

Keith and the gang in ULSU were one of our earliest clients and we’re happy to say they’re still a client, and a happy one too.

We’ve done a lot with them since our first show, which was PaintGlow back in September 2012 on the Monday of their Freshers’ Week to kick the week off. This was actually the first PaintGlow show in Ireland after our launch event.

We did it outdoor in a covered courtyard (The Stables courtyard, in case you know UL). They sold 1200 tickets for the gig. Keith estimates they also sold 200 Banter Bands (these entitled the holder to get in to ALL The gigs that week) to people who missed out on the tickets for PaintGlow and were THAT keen on getting into it.  After that there was a big queue of people trying to pay on the door.

So, in the end we had around 1400 people for the show and it was wild.

It actually went down so well that we did a 2nd one for them on the Thursday of that week as part of their Freshers’ Ball lineup.

The general gist of it

  • 1400 people
  • 600 litres of paint
  • 1 large queue at the door
  • 3 giddy elected officers
  • 4 colouredy security staff in the pit
  • 1 Party Marty spinning the choons
  • 1 happy Brendan & 1 happy Declan (Stables’ Managers)
  • Hundreds of boiler suits 

Why we loved this one

We like the gang in UL and we like working with them. We really loved that the PaintGlow rewarded their faith in us when we told them it’d be a super show. That was the building block for what has become a superb working relationship with Keith in UL.

Some of the challenges

There were no real challenges with this one, beyond the fact that it was a brand new show and hadn’t been seen outside of Dublin yet. We knew it would be popular but wondered how popular it’d be the first time around.

The way PaintGlow works is that once you’ve been to one, and know what you’re getting, then it’s an easy sell next time round. We wondered how it’d grab the UL Freshers’ first time around. They loved it. 

happy client says

"When we spoke to the guys in Cuckoo Events about the PaintGlow show they were looking at bringing in, we knew it'd be a massive draw here in UL. We made sure we were the first big college PaintGlow show in Ireland.

We did it to launch our Freshers Week in 2012, we sold it out and we could have sold it out twice. It was mental. It was SO popular that we did it again 3 days later in the bigger courtyard in UL as part of our Freshers Ball. We've also since done it again for RAG Week 2013 and it was just as popular then.

It's a full on stage show and the Cuckoo team really knows how to keep a crowd going. They put a lot of work into the safety side of it, laying down matting and covering house equipment etc. We'll definitely be having PaintGlow back again!"

Keith Quinlan, Promotions & Events Manager, ULSU