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What we’ve done in Event Production

Paint Run, St. Brigid's GAA, Sept 2013

When we originally bought our PaintGlow show we spoke of the potential of using the gear for Paint Run events. We knew they would be popular as fundraisers for clubs etc.

We'd been in talks with the nice people in St. Brigid's GAA Club in Dublin for a while about different options on fundraising events for them. After we worked on this Colour Dash for the Irish Cancer Society we spoke to St. Brigid's about doing something similar and they loved the idea and we worked with them to put together their Colour Splash Walk / Run in Sept 2013.

We put together a whole event package for them including the music, the start finish gantry, the paint, the equipment, t shirts for all the participants and more. The event was a huge success and St. Brigid's are now planning it as an annual thing around the start of the Summer and we're all already talking about ways to go bigger and better for them.

The general gist of it

  • Around 279kg of safe paint powder
  • 400 kids
  • 4 jeep runs full of gear
  • 1 top ninja DJ
  • Hundreds of lucky bags
  • 2 busy Cuckoo Events staff
  • 1 lovely sunny day
  • LOADS of happy faces

Why we loved this one

We really do get a huge kick out of seeing happy faces at our events and when you do an event like a Paint Run for a GAA club with hundreds of kids you're guaranteed a lot of happy faces.

We reckon we probably got as much out of it as they did, to be honest.

Some of the challenges

There weren't really any specific challenges to this one. We knew it would work really well and the client felt the same too. As with all outdoor events in this country the weather could have played a huge part in its success or otherwise. We'd planned for this and were prepared for bad weather, just in case.

Luckily for us the weather was fantastic and the event was everything we all knew it could be and more.

happy client says

"I would like to thank all the guys in Cuckoo Events for helping to ensure that our first every Colour Splash Walk / Run was a huge success.

Martin, Mark & Marian brought a level of professionalism from the moment we started looking at the idea and ensured that on the day over 400 children had a great day.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Cuckoo Events to anyone and cant wait to work with the guys next year on our 2nd Colour Splash Run."

Billy Quane, St. Brigid's GAA Club