What we’ve done in Event Management

Olympic Torch Run, Howth

On June 6th 2012 we were delighted to work with Fingal County Council on the Howth leg of the Olympic Torch Run, in advance of London 2012. It was one of only 2 stops in the Republic of Ireland for the official Olympic Torch on its 70-day relay.

The Olympic Council of Ireland have their HQ in Howth and, thus, this beautiful area of Fingal was chosen to host the torch.

Thousands of people came out to witness this historic event. The President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, was in attendance along with Lord Sebastian Coe from London 2012, to greet local student Cillian Kirwan from St. Fintan’s High School who had the great honour of running the flame into Howth.

This was a great event for us to be involved in and it, technically, marked the first full event the entire Cuckoo Events team had helped run, even before the business was properly set up. 

The general gist of it

  • 1 very early morning start
  • 1 very smiley President of Ireland
  • Hundreds of spectator photos with the Olympic Torch
  • Thousands of local excited schoolchildren
  • 4 back-up Olympic Torches
  • 1 constantly lighting Olympic Flame
  • 4 colour coded assembly areas
  • 1 very warm fuzzy feeling

Why we loved this one

This really was the first event the Cuckoo Events team had taken on together as the full team. We knew we were going to be setting up Cuckoo, but it wasn’t going to happen until I (Mark) came back from working at London 2012. Paul in Fingal CoCo wanted us all on this one, so that’s what we did.

Personally, it was a great day for me as it kicked off my own involvement in London 2012. I got a great sense that day of the power the Olympic spirit can have on communities and this was further reinforced when I was over on the Safety Management team at the Eton Dorney venue for London 2012. It really is one magnificent event, from start to finish. 

Some of the challenges

An event with the President of Ireland in attendance will always involve extra safety & security considerations. There was significant time spent planning all elements of this event to ensure the safety of the President and, indeed, all spectators.

Another unusual element of this one was the actual relay element of it. The timings for our event were very much being dictated by the pace of the relay and them making their target arrival times. Luckily, they did and we were able to run our even as planned.

Add in the fact that a large proportion of the spectators were children from local schools and you’ve a number of challenging factors being addressed simultaneously. 

happy client says

"This was a huge profile event for us here in Fingal County Council. We involved the Cuckoo Events team from the outset. With Lord Coe and President Higgins attending as well as the national and international media, we needed the day to run smoothly.

Cuckoo helped us plan and manage the event and were as invaluable as always. We ended up winning an award from the International Olympic Council for the event and Cuckoo definitely played a part in that."

Paul Barnes, Fingal County Council Events