What we’ve done in Foam and Snow

NYE Green Pastures Church, Dec 2013

We've done a number of gigs for Samantha and her team in the Green Pastures Church in Ballymena so far. We were up with them for New Years Eve making it snow and it was a super gig!

While it may seem a bit odd, doing gigs in churches seems very normal to us now having done loads of them up in Green Pastures already. 

Samantha and her team up there seem to have a great bunch of young people involved in the church and their attendance figures at each gig keep growing. 

From an event perspective the venue is great. We can drive right inside to unload gear and set up which makes a huge difference to us. Coupled with that the people who work with Samantha up there look after us really well. They are always keen to help set up and break down the show or help actually make the fun happen. 

This event was no different. Dave went up there to make it snow as part of their big NYE celebrations and he put on a good show and was well looked after too. 

Great gig. 

The general gist of it

  • 800 people
  • 1 huge balloon drop
  • Lovely fireworks
  • Some great musicians
  • A whole lot of snow
  • Happy Cuckoo staff

Why we loved this one

There's a great vibe at the gigs up in Green Pastures. 

We have staff members actively requesting they be put on the gigs up there which say a lot!

The young people really get into the events and clearly enjoy everything that the team there put on for them. The gig was a great 'feel-good' gig and all 800 people enjoyed themselves immensely, along with the organisers and our staff. 

Some of the challenges

There were no challenges on this one, per se.

We're always challenging ourselves to make sure that we give Green Pastures something better every time so Dave went above and beyond on this one for them as usual. 

Challenge met and conquered. 

happy client says

"It was brilliant. As usual you guys delivered! We had 800 people at our event so that was pretty cool for a church on New Years Eve.

Dave went out of his way and gave us more than we expected...he made it snow outside during the fireworks!

Hope 2014 is a really blessed year for you and Cuckoo! Love working with you guys!"

Samantha Smyth, Green Pastures Church