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NDC at Ploughing Championships, Sept 2014

This was our 2nd year being involved with the Dairy Council activity at the Ploughing Championships. We enjoy this gig and the client has started calling us the 'Dream Team'. That can't be bad, in fairness.

The NDC Dome at the Ploughing was even more of an attraction this year than it was last year - and that's saying something. 

On the Tuesday we had Rob and Dave Kearney in there doing photos and signing all sorts of things. 

On the Wednesday we were in before the crack of dawn to set up for a morning of live and recorded pieces for IrelandAM with Alan Hughes. We also had Brendan Courtney on site during the day talking fashion and food. 

On the Thursday Suzanne Campbell and Eddie Brennan were drawing crowds, with Eddie spending a lot of time signing and posing for selfies with the masses. 

Every day saw the penalty shoot out and the Photo Booth out-the-door busy and Phelim Byrne's cooking demos throughout each day were very popular too.

With record numbers this year at the Ploughing, I'd say the majority of them came through the NDC Dome. 

The general gist of it

  • Over 279,000 people
  • 1 beautiful NDC dome
  • many live TV broadcasts
  • Brendan Courtney on fashion & food
  • many, many models
  • 2 important kettles
  • 4 footballs
  • 1 Chief Super in the Photo Booth
  • a few pints of milk
  • 2 Kearney brothers

Why we loved this one

The National Dairy Council are a good client. 

They know where we add value and they view us as members of their own team at this stage. We like that. We like having that level of understanding with our clients. We're there to make the event run as smoothly as possible and anywhere we can help, we're happy to. 

We work really well with the entire core NDC team. 

Some of the challenges

The popularity of the NDC Dome sees a lot of people looking to come in and it can be challenging to manage the flow of people at times. 

There are also occasions when we shut elements of the Dome to the public - for live TV broadcasts etc. - and this can be challenging for people to understand and accept. 

happy client says

"Thank you so much for all your hard work & support last week at the Ploughing. You constantly looked to help out on all matters and made things really straightforward for the NDC."

Zoe Kavanagh, CEO, National Dairy Council