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What we’ve done in Event Safety

Mother Blok Party, Temple Bar, June 2013

The guys who run the regular gay club Mother in Dublin wanted to do something bigger as part of Pride 2013. There were a lot of parties and gigs planned for the Saturday night after the parade so the Mother lads wanted to do something different.

They hatched a plan to do a big Mother show in Meeting House Square in Temple Bar. They approached Temple Bar Cultural Trust, who manage the Square, and got them on board and then sourced a bar licence holder to extend their licence and provide the beer and food at the event. This was no mean feat and they lads then knew they were on to something big with the gig.

That’s when we got involved. They needed an event company to do their Event Management Plan, make sure they got their temporary licence in court, make sure the local authorities and TBCT were happy with all the arrangements and then to run the event on the night for them.

It was a great gig. The demand for wristbands to get in far outweighed the supply, which is a great testament to Cormac and Conor who have built a great club brand with Mother. 

The general gist of it

  • 800 happy people
  • 1 serious sound system
  • 1 large temporary cold room
  • Numerous celebrity attendees
  • 1 busy NEDE Restaurant
  • Hundreds of fantastic outfits
  • Some great tunes from Colin Perkins
  • 1 huge choir to wrap things up
  • A great team of staff from EQ Audio & Events
  • 1 very good Head of Security - George

Why we loved this one

I’d have to say the most enjoyable thing about this gig was that we were able to turn it around for the client as quickly as we did. It’s not the way we normally like to work but sometimes you need to test yourself and we were confident we could do it for them.

We like to make a good impression with first time clients and the two guys in Mother are good guys and we wanted to make this happen for them. Them being happy with what we did and how it went made it all worthwhile.

Some of the challenges

This one was pulled together at late notice. It meant a lot of work for us immediately after Sea Sessions but it was well worth it. The lads in Mother hadn’t run anything on this scale before and, to be fair, didn’t realise they’d need the likes of Cuckoo to do the EMP and court side of things etc. There was a lot of work in it and not a lot of time to do it but we got it done and we’re glad we did. 

happy client says

"The Mother gig in Meeting House Square (as part of Pride 2013) came together a bit later than planned, and we needed an event partner that could get everything done quickly and effectively.

Cuckoo came on board, after being recommended to us, and we're very glad they did. They did the Event Management Plan, went to court to make sure we got our temporary licence granted, liaised with the Gardaí and Fire Officer, etc., provided the Event Controller and Safety Officer on the night and generally helped us out and made things easy for us.

They're more than just 'safety people'. Their experience in actually running events themselves means they know how things work in the real world, and the lads are sound."

Cormac Cashman, Promoter, Mother