What we’ve done in Event Safety

Mother Bloc Party, Temple Bar, June 2014

This was our 2nd year working with GCN and Mother on their Bloc Party event as part of the annual Pride festival here in Dublin. It was a super gig.

Last year's Mother Blok Party event was a fantastic one. We'd 800 people in Meeting House Square in Temple Bar enjoying the party and, had there been room for them, we'd probably have put another 2,000 in there, such a was the demand. 

We knew, when we started work on this year's event 3 months ago, that demand would far outstrip demand again and Cormac from Mother and Conor from GCN were determined that those who were lucky enough to grab tickets would be treated to another fantastic night. 

They most definitely were. 

We put a lot of time into this one and there were countless meetings to make sure all went well. We were in continuous contact with all parties involved in the months leading up to the event.

We were in continuous contact with the Gardaí and the Fire Officer in relation to the Event Management Plan and how we were planning on running the event. We went to court to get the Occasional Licence for the event and the EMP plays a significant part in that

The guys got Absolut on board as sponsors so we were working with them and the nice folks in All Bar None to put in an Absolut-branded bar for the gig.

We brought in extra toilet facilities as well as a significant amount of production elements.

There was a huge projection element to the night as well as the live performances. You'll see what we mean when you check out the pictures. 

The event was a great success and here's hoping we get asked to work on next year's one too!

The general gist of it

  • 750 happy punters
  • 1 custom bar build
  • multiple live stage performances
  • 6 messers lifted down from the stage
  • around 40 happy staff
  • 1 huge projection
  • 2 Cuckoo staff
  • 10 security staff

Why we loved this one

It's a beautiful event and we love being a part of it.

The crowd that come to this event each year are such good fun and really enjoy the show that's put together for them. 

There's always a great vibe at the gig and you can literally feel that. 

Some of the challenges

There was one real challenge with this one and that was us having only 2 hours to get all the production in and to build the bar etc. 

There is a regular Saturday market in Meeting House Square and we were only able to start loading in once they had finished for the day and left the Square. 

It was a really tight timeline but everyone worked together to make sure we could open on time. 

happy client says

"Cuckoo were the obvious choice to work with us on the Mother Bloc Party event again this year. They understand the event and the venue and they invest themselves in making sure it's a success.

We also knew they'd work well with the Gardaí, the Fire Officer and all relevant parties. They took all the hassle out of doing the Plan and going to court to get the Occasional License.

We like working with Cuckoo. Sound and professional. They work so we can party."

Cormac Cashman, Promoter, Mother