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What we’ve done in Event Safety

Malahide Has it Festival, 2017

Working on site in the magnificent seaside village of Malahide is always a special treat for us.

We worked with Malahide Chamber of Commerce to deliver the annual Malahide Has It Festival which takes place every year on the last weekend of July. We work with Malahide Chamber of Commerce on this event. The Chamber work really hard and put a huge amount of thought into putting on a festival for the local people of Malahide.

What we did

 As we’ve worked on the event from the beginning, we’ve know the community and we understand the objective of the festival, and we work to improve it year upon year, so that attendees get as much value from the festival as possible.

  • Event Safety
    • Liaison with local authorities re road closures and health and safety
    • Gathering necessary paperwork from suppliers
    • Provision and installation of required signage
  • Suppliers
    • Organisation of suitable suppliers
    • Coordination of confirmed suppliers
    • Creation of production schedule for load in and load out
  • Staffing
    • Provision of Event Controller
    • Provision of Safety Management Staff
    • Provision of Site Manager
    • Provision of Event Safety Team
  • Event Planning
    • Production of Event Management Plan
    • Risk assessment of the festival site
    • Site design & map production
    • Meetings and site visits with the Chamber of Commerce

The general gist of it

  • Delicious food and coffee
  • 1 large stage
  • 6 bouncy castles
  • 1 glorious sea view
  • 1 Petting zoo
  • 1 penalty shoot out competition
  • 3 magic shows
  • Tai chi and aerobics classes

Why we loved this one

The first reason that Malahide Has It is special for us is because it’s set in Malahide village, which is picturesque seaside village in Fingal, North Dublin. Secondly, we’ve worked on it for several years now and we’ve got to know the community really well. This festival means a lot to the local stakeholders who work together and with us to ensure that attendees have an enjoyable experience. With all of the stakeholders working to achieve the same objectives, it’s a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Some of the challenges

Given the location of the festival on the coastline, we had to ensure that all structures were weighted down sufficiently. The threat of thunder and lightning on Sunday afternoon meant that the event team and all concessions watching the sky closely, as any sign of either elements would mean that concessions would have to turn off their power immediately and exit their structures. Luckily, it held off and besides a few showers of rain, everyone had a great time.

happy client says

'The Malahide Has It Festival is now in its 7th year and once planning for 2017 started the first call we made was to Martin and his team at Cuckoo Events.

Cuckoo have been an integral part of our Festival from the very start not only as Event Managers, Safety Advisors and Controllers but also in helping us plan and add content.

Martin, Sinead and the team are incredibly efficient, professional and friendly and are amazingly good-humoured given the long hours they work.

We would highly recommend Cuckoo and they will be our first call when we start planning Malahide Has It Festival 2018.' 

Ernie Brenner, Malahide Chamber of Commerce