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What we’ve done in Event Production

'Malahide Has It' Festival, July 2014

This was our first year involved in the annual 'Malahide Has It' Festival. We were brought in to source competent suppliers at competitive prices to save the local Chamber of Commerce on the running costs of the event.

Malahide is a great town with an active Chamber of Commerce. 

While we do a lot of work with Fingal County Council, the running of the 'Malahide Has It' Festival is done by the Chamber of Commerce, rather than the Council themselves. 

When they were looking for an Event Management company to partner with, the Council were happy to recommend us. 

We met with them and got on with the task at hand. 

The general gist of it

  • 1 large truck stage
  • Many, many quotes
  • 10,000 people across 2 days
  • 12 two-way radios
  • Hundreds of metres of power cable
  • loads of acts
  • 7 local restaurant vendors
  • Puppets, clowns & jugglers

Why we loved this one

We know, from doing what we do, that we are usually able to source suppliers at a better price than committees or individuals who don't do this all day very day like we do. 

Prospective clients can often find that hard to believe. 

We loved this event as it gave us an opportunity to prove exactly this to a brand new client. 

We enjoyed the challenge and we enjoyed succeeding in it. 

Some of the challenges

There were no significant challenges on this one, beyond us sttriving to fulfill the brief from the client. 

We wanted to source suppliers which would represent a cost saving for them but we needed to ensure that we were using competent and experienced suppliers at the same time. 

This is a balancing act event management companies are constantly engaged in. 

When our role is specifically to save the client money, compared to spends in previous years, then this balance is even more key.