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What we’ve done in Event Production

Family Fun Day, LSCAI, June 2015

This family fun day was for the Leinster Society of the Chartered Accountants Ireland. We even arranged for the weather to be stunning. Most of these events we do happen on super sunny days.

This is the second event we've done with a group of Chartered Accountants, having recently worked with CASSD on their annual Carnival Ball. This was a different type of event but we knew we could put on something great for Shane and his attendees. We're doing a lot of these Family Fun Day events and they've all been really well received. 

What we did

Based on previous experience with these types of events as well as meetings and discussions with Shane about this event specifically, we put on a great programme of activity and entertainment. 

  • Supplier Sourcing
    • Selection of suppliers
    • Negotiation of costs
    • Continuous liaison
  • Event Planning
    • Plan Development
    • Budget management
  • Activity Programming
    • Sourcing & booking of all event elements
    • Scheduling of activities
  • Safety Management
    • Oversight of all safety arrangements
    • Coordination of contractor documentation
    • Arrangement of insurance
  • Staffing
    • Provision of Event Management staff

The general gist of it

  • multiple inflatable attractions
  • 1 very entertaining magician
  • 1 brilliant DJ
  • 1 popular craft area
  • selection of outdoor games
  • 1 photobooth car
  • loads of balloons
  • lots of tables & benches
  • 1 ice cream van
  • some lovely food

Why we loved this one

How could we NOT love running an event like this on a beautiful sunny day?! It was as great an experience for us as it was for those attending. 

Shane and his Team in the Leinster Society of Chartered Accountants Ireland were a joy to deal with the whole way through the planning process too. 

Some of the challenges

There were no significant challenges on this one, to be fair. 

The only thing you could call a challenge was probably availability of some elements changing between when we submitted the proposal and when we got the go ahead. That's standard though. 

Luckily we have good relationships with multiple suppliers for most things. 

happy client says

"We used Cuckoo Events for the Society’s inaugural Family Day event. As we had never done this type of event before, we didn’t know how it would go and we put all our trust in the hands of Cuckoo Events.

They did not let us down. In fact, I would highly recommend them for any event you are planning.

Elaine was a pleasure to deal with from the initial planning and most helpful in suggesting ideas for us and working within our budget.

The team on the day delivered a superb seamless service. They were friendly and courteous throughout."

Gillian Duffy, District Society Manager and Events Manager