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What we’ve done in Event Management

Love Sensation, Powerscourt, Feb 2014

Together Disco and Pygmalion brought Love Sensation to Powerscourt on Valentine's night. It was a super gig.

We're very familiar with Powerscourt at this stage. 

It's a shopping centre so there are a lot of stakeholders and a load of things to consider which we wouldn't have to think of in a night club gig in an established venue.

That said, we make it work and the gigs in there are always good. 

This one was no sensation. 

What we did

We look after everything on the gigs in here other than promoting them and ensuring they sell out. We've a good handle on how gigs in here work. There a re a LOT of factors to consider, given that it's a shopping centre with multiple tenants.

  • Statutory Agencies
    • Liaising with Fire Officer
    • Liaising with Gardaí
  • Event Planning
    • Consultations with stakeholders
    • Production of Event Management Plan
  • Safety Management
    • Risk Assessment
    • Provision of Event Controller
    • Provision of Event Manager
    • Coordination of rigging
  • Suppliers
    • Sourcing & liaising with security supplier
    • Sourcing & liaising with medical supplier
  • Event Review
    • Production of Post-Event Review
    • Attendance at post-event meetings

The general gist of it

  • 1000 happy punters
  • A LOAD of beautiful disco balls
  • new DJ position
  • 2 rooms
  • 1 well-managed queue
  • a whole lotta love in the air

Why we loved this one

We had disco balls for this one!

That might seem like a small thing but, when you're in a building as protected as Powerscourt, hanging things from the ceiling involves scissor lifts and the skills of a professional rigger too. 

They really added to the experience for the sold-out crowd, with many people commenting on them during the night. 

Some of the challenges

There were no real challenges with this one beyond the real one of being responsible for the safety of that many people while they enjoy themselves.

We've done a lot of these types of gigs in there now and we constantly develop and improve how we do them, in consultation with the property managers, insurance company, promoters and tenants. 

happy client says

"The Cuckoo Team worked with us on Love Sensation gig and, as usual, they got the job done. 

Everything from queueing to cloak room, from crowd flow to medical cover, they were on top of, like they always are.

They make running events in there so much easier and they work well with the retailers, the property managers, the insurance company and everyone who needs to be on board.

We were happy to have them."

Paul McGlade Jnr, Owner, Pygmalion