What we’ve done in Event Safety

Kodaline in a Castle, Dec 2015

We worked on this intimate Kodaline performance in Bremore Castle, Balbriggan, on behalf of Fingal County Council and Vevo. Less than 200 lucky competition winners got to come along.

What we did

The lead time on this one wasn't very long so we'd to work fast with our client, Fingal County Council, to establish, firstly, if this could be done and, having established it could be, to then plan and execute the event well. 

We had to work with the Vevo team to make sure everything worked for them as well as us and, if you check out the video and photos, you'll see that it all came together quite beautifully. 

  • Event Planning
    • Custom site survey & measurements
    • Safe holding capacity calculations
    • Emergency egress calculations & planning
    • Site-specific risk assessment
    • Production of Event Management Plan
  • Event Management
    • Crowd management
    • Crowd flow monitoring and management
    • Act liaison and escort
  • Staffing
    • Provision of 1 x Safety Officer
    • Provision of 2 x Safety Management Staff

The general gist of it

  • 1 beautiful castle
  • 2 narrow, winding stairs
  • 4 genuinely nice guys in a band
  • some amazing up-lighting
  • 1 stunning set
  • some stunning music videos
  • lots of crew
  • multiple camera angles

Why we loved this one

This is the type of beautiful, intimate event we don't get to work on too often so, when they come along, we really do enjoy them. 

The fact that it was in a stunning castle, never before used as a venue and not really suited to something like this played a big part in us loving it. Establishing safe capacities and planning for the crowd and performance was challenging and rewarding. 

The actual performance itself was breath-taking. The room lent itself to it. The production was done really well. The fans were REAL fans and really into the whole thing.

The atmosphere made all the hard work very much worth it. 

Some of the challenges

The main challenge to this one was the venue.

While it made LOADS of sense from a production perspective, it was extremely challenging to plan and manage for 200 people plus crew to make this happen.

There were remedial works that needed doing in certain areas. There were 2 narrow, spiral staircases, which had to be safe and usable for those in the castle. 

We also had to work closely with the Vevo production staff to ensure everything we needed to ensure things were safe was in place, while also ensuring everything worked from their perspective. For instance - a load of security in hi viz in all the video shots wouldn't look great, so we'd to figure that one out. 

There were challenges but they were half the fun of this one. The end result was an amazing gig and lots of great memories, both for us involved in making it happen and the 200 lucky competition winners who got to enjoy the fruits of our labours.