What we’ve done in Event Safety

Irish Maritime Festival 2017, Drogheda Port

This was our third year working on the Irish Maritime Festival in Drogheda Port. The event goes from strength to strength each year and we really enjoy working on it.

We love working on this event. This year, Elaine managed the production of the event for the first time. She did an amazing job, if we do say so ourselves.

We sourced sea-themed décor from all over the country, including a giant inflatable fish, crabs, shells, nets, ropes, hand-made crab pots, life-buoys, starfish, giant inflatable beach balls and extremely large deck-chairs for the outdoor cinema.  

We kept to a theme of red, blue and yellow for the most part. This event takes place on Drogheda’s stunning port and for two days, the site is transformed from a large port to a hive of excitement and entertainment, lined with stunning vessels from all around the world. 

What we did

The general gist of it

  • 1 Aerial Cirque performance

  • 15 artisan food exhibitors

  • 1 ferris wheel

  • 8 tall ships from all over the world

  • 1 mermaid on a rock

  • 1 giant inflatable octopus

  • 1 art gallery

  • 6 multi-coloured huts

  • 1 red sand shanty

  • 1 lobster on stilts

  • 60 picnic tables

  • 21 local music performers

  • 1 outdoor cinema courtesy of Virgin Media

  • 1 Normans Village and sword fighting show

Why we loved this one

We love working on the Irish Maritime Festival because we have great relationships with all of the stakeholders involved. Everyone on board (pardon the pun!) wants to make this event as amazing as possible. People from Drogheda and far beyond attend this festival and it’s an important festival for showcasing all that the Boyne area has to offer. This event has a theme, which makes the programming and décor elements more interesting and the finished product even more rewarding to see.

Some of the challenges

As is the case in the run-up to all of our outdoor events, our eyes were on the weather forecast daily to ensure that we would have everything in place should the winds pick up. As this event is located on a port, the danger of high winds is significant. We had a surprisingly glorious day on the first day of the event and that evening, as winds picked up, we made the decision to take down some of the décor including flags and blackboards, as we didn’t want them to get damaged by winds overnight.

On Sunday, the rain poured down at different stages and the main challenge was to ensure that the marquees and tents were managed properly and not over-crowded as people rushed in to get shelter. As this was a family event, there were lots of young children and buggies, so making sure everyone could enter and exit without any issues was one of our main tasks during the showery periods.