What we’ve done in Event Production

Giro d'Italia, Malahide, May 2014

The Giro d'Italia is a huge cycling race watched by millions and millions of people around the world each year. This year it started off with 3 stages in Northern Ireland and Ireland.

For this one the County Council brought us in to look after a variety of production elements and to book acts for the focal point for the Giro activity in the county, namely Malahide. 

We brought in a large truck stage and PA. We also brought in the largest outdoor screen in the country, housed in its own 40ft truck. We sorted satellite links so we could broadcast the race on the screen. We booked DJs and a band for the stage. 

We did that and while that was running smoothly we gave a hand with the crowd management as the race passed through. 

The general gist of it

  • 1 truck stage
  • 1 Chinese dragon
  • a 48 sqm LED screen
  • thousands of barriers
  • 1 break away group
  • 2 break away balloons
  • 1 low-flying sideways helicopter
  • 1 helpful neighbour lady
  • 1 Rapid Response Team
  • 12 Garda out riders
  • 1 DJ who got lost
  • 1 great band (Bluemoose)

Why we loved this one

As one of the world's pre-eminent cycling races and one the the 3 Grand Tours in cycling, how could we NOT love being involved in any way in this one?

The whole event was a huge deal for Ireland, with something like 177 million people watching live around the world.

We love being part of events on this kind of scale, even when we're only a small part of it. 

Helping put on a fun family day in Malahide to coincide with the race passing through was LOADS of fun!

Some of the challenges

The weather was always going to be a worry on this one. With a funfair and outdoor stage etc. we were subject to the elements big time.

We'd one nasty shower before the race came through but then the sun came out. In fact, it came out SO much so that our Mark got scalded in it.

An interesting impact of the weather, namely the wind, was the satellite connection in order to show the race on the giant screen for all those gathered. Luckily we knew this might prove problematic and had done a lot of work to make sure it wasn't likely to see us losing the feed. 

All worked out! 

happy client says

"This was a huge event for us and there were a lot of moving parts involved. We tasked Cuckoo with the organisation and management of the production elements of the event in Malahide.

As usual, they did not disappoint. We had the biggest outdoor screen in the country, a great stage, great acts and it was all organised without any headaches or dramas. That's exactly what we needed.

They also supplied a large number of our Safety Team on the day too, with over 15 staff on the ground in safety roles for us. "

Paul Barnes, Fingal County Council Events