What we’ve done in Foam and Snow

Foam Party, The Hub, Kilkenny, Feb 2014

This was one of the WILDEST foam parties we've done. We had the two big cannons out for this one - The Beast and the Baby Beast - and we filled the room in The Hub in foam. Literally.

We really enjoy ALL the shows we do for Sarah and the gang in The Hub in Kilkenny. They've built up a really successful offering for the U18s down there and we've done a lot of mad PaintGlow shows for them in there too. 

This was the first time we did foam and we went all out. We sent the 2 biggest and best cannons in the country.

The general gist of it

  • The 2 biggest cannons in the country
  • 1 ginormous room
  • 1000 under 18s 
  • A lot of UV lamps
  • 1 fire hose (thankfully!)
  • 3 sweaty operators
  • Some great feedback on Facebook
  • Hundreds of glowsticks and LED bracelets

Why we loved this one

We always love an opportunity to use the two large cannons on the one show. The amount of  foam they can pump out together is ridiculous. 

Given how good the two cannons are it's rare that we have a client who needs them both for the one gig. 

Given the size of the room, if there was ever a venue that could probably handle the two machines at full blast it'd be the Hub. 

As it turned out, with one of them acting up, we really only used the one machine at full capacity and we STILL filled the room.

Check out the pictures!

Some of the challenges

The challenge? The challenge was the stupid pump on one of the cannons acting up. 

Despite our team doing some work on it on site it wasn't reliable enough to use for the entire show. It was cutting in and out and needed more work than we could do on the road, sadly. 

The challenge then was to ensure that the 1000 kids in the room still got a whopper show and that we kept them and the client happy, despite the technical issues. 

We did that be relocating the machine centrally on the stage and revising the capacity plan for the other machine. We did a little work on that one so we could use it pumping out more foam than it normally would, to make up for the lack of a fully functional second machine. 

It worked. Check out the photos!