What we’ve done in Event Management

Flavours of Fingal, Donabate, June 2014

This is our 2nd year being involved in Flavours of Fingal and the event itself is in just its 3rd year. We looked after all the Transport Management for the event, which saw over 30,000 people visit over the 2 days.

Flavours of Fingal is run by Fingal County Council in association with Fingal Farmers and Fingal Tourism. 

Featuring everything from local artizan food producers through to dog trials, from children's comedians to huge bouncy castles and from the 'guess the weight of the bull' game through to a giant teddy bear made out of bales of hay by the lovely people from Keogh's Crisps, the event really does have something for everyone. 

There were live cookery demonstrations as well as sheep shearing and the FM104 Road Hog was broadcasting from on site for the day too. 

Smash Hits were on stage on the Saturday and the Sunday saw an array of children's entertainers keeping all the little (and not-so-little) people laughing. 

Feedback on the event has been great. The CoCo are always looking for ways to improve all their events year on year so you can be sure there will be some tweaks for next year's event to make all those attending even happier. 

We had a full team in there this year looking after the Transport Management end of things. Getting 30,000 plus people in and out of there over 2 days and keeping delays to a minimum both with traffic on site and on the roads was a challenge. Our team are among the most experienced in the country and they did a great job. 

What we did

We're doing more and more for Flavours each year. We work very well with Paul and his team in Fingal and we've a vested interest in helping the entire event go from strength to strength. 

  • Event Planning & Management
    • Site survey & design
    • Production of comprehensive Event Management Plan
  • Transport Management
    • Consultancy in relation to Transport Management System design
    • Transport Management during the event
  • Staffing
    • Provision of Event Controller
    • Provision of Safety Management Team
    • Provision of Transport Management Staff
  • Statutory Agencies
    • Chairing of Statutory Meetings
    • Liaison with Fingal CoCo
    • Liaison with the Gardaí
    • Liaison with DFB
    • Liaison with Medical supplier
  • Stakeholder Management
    • Active management of stakeholders pre, during & post-event
    • Effective interaction to allow for smooth running of the event
  • Event Review
    • Production of Post-Event Review
    • Chairing of review meetings

The general gist of it

  • 30,000 people attending
  • 5 car parks
  • 48 volunteers
  • 3 happy peacocks
  • 1 large stage
  • 3 sleepy pigs
  • 1 giant hay bale teddy bear
  • 1 FM104 Road Hog
  • LOADS of Fairy Doors
  • Lots of little archaeologists
  • 1 very pink buggy
  • 12 Cuckoo staff
  • 1 extreme funfair 
  • LOTS of Keogh's crisps

Why we loved this one

There is a great vibe at this event. 

It's a county show and is pretty much a fun family day out with animals, good food, bouncy castles and entertainment. 

Our staff enjoy working it and we really enjoy working with the team in Fingal County Council and Mags, the Event Controller. 

We had great weather this year too and I think our guys and girls got to top of their tans while getting their work done. That's always a bonus. 

Some of the challenges

The main challenge with this event is the Transport Management end of things. 

The site is great and it gives loads of scopes to build and develop the event year on year. We're always looking for ways to improve access and parking and to reduce the waiting time and delays in traffic. 

A lot of work was put in this year again in advance of the event to devise a Transport Management Plan which would minimise delays and frustration among those attending. 

It seemed to go well. The vast majority of feedback was really positive. There are always going to be little things that slow things down from time to time. The trick is to make sure we have good staff on who can sort problems as quickly as they arise. 

We enjoy the challenge and we love seeing things improve year on year. 

happy client says

"As Event Controller for Flavours of Fingal 2014 I was very conscious of ensuring every aspect of the event was as well planned for and managed as possible, and from previous experience I wanted to use competent and trustworthy contractors and suppliers that I could count on.

Having worked with Cuckoo Events previously I had no hesitation in considering them for this event and one aspect of their service which they are very strong on is traffic management, an aspect that is so often overlooked or under estimated at events. Knowing the site and the layout I was well aware of the constraints we had to work with and the expertise required to ensure we delivered.

I dealt with Mark at Cuckoo in the preparations and as always I was kept in the loop regarding the team that was going to be working with us. In the weeks leading up to the event I met with the team leader Rob on site a number of times to confirm and finalise all details.

On event days the team arrived early, well presented and worked their socks off all weekend under the calm and confident supervision of Rob. As the weather was good we were very busy on Sunday and the team were active from the get go until late that evening. Although we had times of high demand for car spaces the team kept things moving and we had minimal delays getting our customers off the main roads and parked.

At all times Rob communicated with event control to keep us up to date on details and any changes.

The team reviewed what was happening on the ground and responded accordingly – strong dynamic risk assessing and management.

I personally received great feedback from the statutory bodies afterwards regarding the Cuckoo team and their professionalism. I continue to have the utmost confidence in Cuckoo Events to deliver a competent team and a calm team leader!"

Margaret Connelly, Event Controller, Flavours of Fingal