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What we’ve done in Event Management

Flavours of Fingal, Donabate, June 2015

This year so attendance numbers at Flavours double from the previous year. That's 60,000+ people enjoying a fantastic County Show event with, quite literally, something for everyone.

The annual Flavours of Fingal County Show is run by Fingal County Council in association with Fingal Farmers and Fingal Tourism. 

Every year the event is getting better and better. The team organising it are constantly looking to develop it and add new attractions. 

It's great value too, with a family ticket at €10.

There's everything from live cookery demonstrations, live entertainment on the stage, interactive animal exhibits, loads of nice food and drink options and so much more. 

With the numbers growing so much this year, the Transport Management Team we had in there were under consistent pressure. Luckily, we're very good at what we do and the Team implemented the Transport Management Plan, as designed, and there were no issues on the day.

We also provided the Event Controller for the event and lookd after all the planning. 

What we did

This year we provided the Event Controller, did all the planning and provided an expanded Transport Management Team for Flavours. With the programming being so good and the weather playing ball too, the numbers attending this year were huge. 

The Team were constantly under pressure and they dealt with it fantastically well. 

  • Event Planning & Management
    • Site survey & design
    • Production of comprehensive Event Management Plan
  • Transport Management
    • Consultancy in relation to Transport Management System design
    • Transport Management during the event
  • Staffing
    • Provision of Event Controller
    • Provision of Transport Management Team
  • Statutory Agencies
    • Chairing of Statutory Meetings
    • Liaison with Fingal CoCo
    • Liaison with the Gardaí
    • Liaison with DFB
    • Liaison with Medical supplier
  • Stakeholder Management
    • Active management of stakeholders pre, during & post-event
    • Effective interaction to allow for smooth running of the event
    • Post-Event engagement to inform future events
  • Event Review
    • Production of Post-Event Review
    • Chairing of review meetings

The general gist of it

  • 60,000 people 
  • 16 Cuckoo staff
  • Over 50 volunteers
  • A huge hay bale teddy bear
  • A giant funfair
  • A big little dig event
  • Free Keogh's crisps everywhere
  • Loads of fun animals
  • Fairy doors everywhere
  • Over 10,000 cars
  • Lots of inflatable fun
  • 3 peacocks wandering

Why we loved this one

There were ZERO complaints from residents as a result of the huge traffic volumes over this weekend. That's directly as a result of our Transport Management Team and the plan we put in place. 

In fact, local residents went out of their way to thank our client for not disrupting them this year. 

We enjoy taking on a very specialised function and being able to deliver to the client's expectations and beyond. 

Transport Management requires very particular skills, experience and training. Our Team are the best in the business and they deliver year on year for Fingal County Council on this one.

We enjoy the great feedback we get from the clients and those at the event. 

Some of the challenges

The Transport Management at Flavours becomes more and more challenging each year. Luckily our Team are up to the task. 

While there is no shortage of car parks and space that can be used, setting it up and running it properly takes an experienced and practised Team. 

That's us. 

happy client says

'This is the 2nd year we've had the Team from Cuckoo in looking after the Transport Management for Flavours.

Not only did we have ZERO complaints about any traffic delays, we actually had some local residents go out of their way to let us know that they had no issues. Feedback like that is the holy grail of running large scale community events.

We knew after day 1 of Flavours last year that having Cuckoo look after the Transport Management was a great decision. They were just as good this year and we look forward to having them on board for years to come.'

Paul Barnes, Fingal County Council Events