What we’ve done in Event Management

Festival Feasibility Report, 2015

We were asked by a group of organisations to look into the potential of putting together a family-friendly, weekend festival with camping with a very specific niche spin in 2016.

We put the report together over the course of 2 months with the end result being a near 90 page, comprehensive document meeting their set requirements and giving them all the information they needed to meet with their stakeholders and funding bodies to make a decision on whether proceeding with the festival is feasible for them. 

The Terms of Reference for the report were as follows:

  • Outline the major elements to be considered in relation to this proposed event
  • Establish Outline Costings for an event of this type
  • Propose a potential venue / site where this event could be held

The end result was that the funding bodies saw great value in the report and the client group were given the go-ahead to invest in the festival, so we've moved to that stage with them now. 

What we did

With projects like this we ensure that we get a good handle on what the client needs the report to do for them. To that end, we have a face to face meeting to kick things off. We want to be sure the work we do gives them the answers they need. 

In this instance they needed to establish certain things so that the funding bodies could make an informed decision on whether to proceed with investing in the festival. That's what we did. 

  • Initial Meeting
    • 2 hour structured discussion
    • Establishment of core event elements
    • Agreement on Terms of Reference
    • Agreement on timeline
  • Report Production
    • Establishment of key components
    • Development of content
    • Outline costings report
    • Site visits & review
    • Site map production
    • Recommendations
  • Report Review Meeting
    • Follow-up meeting post review of report by funding bodies
    • Further discussion on various elements

The general gist of it

  • 1 x initial meeting
  • 90 pages total
  • 3 site maps
  • Definitive recommendations
  • Comprehensive outline costings
  • 1 x review meeting

Why we loved this one

We've been approached with numerous projects like this recently but this one was the first one to get the go-ahead. 

We enjoyed working with these clients as they were clear from the outset on what was important to them. Their vision for this festival was quite clear and our job was to put together a report for them on what would be involved in making it a reality. 

We enjoyed outlining all the key elements of putting together a successful event for a client actively looking at doing one. 

Some of the challenges

The challenge with this was to ensure it was as comprehensive as possible, while accepting it was a paper exercise and we weren't actually putting the festival together.

If we were actually making the festival happen, then we'd be able to get into more specific detail in relation to true costs of each individual element on the ground. 

For this, the job was to put the report and outline costings together for a festival event within the parameters outlined by the client, without knowing the definitive event site, elements, acts, infrastructure etc. 

happy client says

"Cuckoo were excellent right from the start.

We knew our audience and what type of festival they would want but we needed the event management expertise to get the project off the ground. Cuckoo provided that and have been very professional throughout, giving clear advice and guidance on all aspects of planning.

The guys also understood how central the Irish language was to our overall vision and were able to tailor the festival for our unique requirements."

Tomaí Ó Conghaile, Project Lead