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What we’ve done in Event Management

BBQ Garden Party, Etsy, July 2014

We did a great Summer BBQ Garden Party / Family Day / for Etsy, which saw staff and their families enjoying great food in beautiful surroundings in Dublin city centre.

We had the pleasure of working with Jennie in Etsy to put their Summer staff shindig together in July of this year. 

They wanted a day that would work for their staff and their families. It needed to include food and be fairly central in Dublin. 

They wanted activities but nothing too strenuous and they wanted superb food. The food was important.

We sourced a super central location with stunning grounds and an on site chef who made the most magnificent BBQ food. 

We did it on a very reasonable budget too. This wasn't your typical corporate blowout. They wanted quality and were clever about what they spent their money on. 

It was a superb day with some stunning weather, to boot. 

The general gist of it

  • 1 disco bouncy castle
  • 1 London black cab photo booth
  • many helium balloons
  • a lot of bendy arms & legs
  • some super BBQ food
  • some serious rays
  • 2 hopscotch sets
  • nailbiting croquet competition
  • super weather
  • smiling children everywhere

Why we loved this one

We loved this one from start to finish. 

Planning it was fun. Shopping for it was fun. Choosing flowers to decorate the venue was fun. Choosing materials to theme & decorate the venue was fun.

Jennie was really easygoing and great to deal with too. It's always good when a client trusts you to make it happen and just lets you get on with it. 

Some of the challenges

We can't think of one. 


This was a great event for us. 

The challenge comes the NEXT time we've to do something for Jennie and Co. and we've to outdo this gig. That won't be easy. 

happy client says

"We had a great time - thanks so much. And thank you for the picture frame at the end of the day. Everyone (children and adults), let me know how much fun they had and how delicious the food was."

Jennie King, Office Manager, Etsy