What we’ve done in Event Safety

Dublin Town FREE Family Fun Day, Aug 2014

Dublin Town wanted to do an event to coincide with the Croke Park Classic American Football match. It was American themed with some American Football angles, but was essentially a free family fun day event in Wolfe Tone Park.

We worked with Dublin Town (formerly Dubllin City BID) and a committee of local businesses on this one. 

The idea was to activate the Wolfe Tone Park space and bring people down past the end of Henry St. There are some great business down there who are willing to put the work in to open people's eyes to what they can offer. Putting on this free family fun event was one of the first steps.

We pitched for the event a few months back and were delighted to be chosen as the company they wanted to work with on it. We felt we had put together a good proposal, within their outlined budget, and we genuinely knew we could something good on that would do what they needed it to do.

We had regular meetings in the planning / organising period to keep all parties updated on where we were at and to get feedback and ideas from the committee. 

We all worked really well together and the end result was a fantastic day of free family fun which exceeded all our expectations. 

The general gist of it

  • Hundreds of happy families
  • A nice dry day!
  • Marching band
  • Cheerleaders
  • Dublin Rebels American Football Team
  • Field goal challenge
  • Giant Jenga
  • LOADS of Lego
  • Papa John's Pizza 
  • Fashion Festival Bus

Why we loved this one

Working with Dublin Town and the committee of local businesses to do something fun in the Wolfe Tone Park space was reaully enjoyable. 

There aren't too many spaces like it in the City Centre and there should definitely be more use made of it. 

The committee are great. They're willing to work hard to make something of the space to show people that the city centre doesn't stop at the end of Henry St. 

We loved being the ones they chose to work with for this first event in there and hopefully (fingers crossed) there will be many more to come. 

Some of the challenges

Doing something in a space that hasn't really need used in that way before is always challenging. 

We designed a site plan for all the event elements knowing that we may well be changing things on the morning of the event as we actually put the stuff in. We went in earlier than normal so we'd have the time to change things around a bit and still be operational by jidda has planned. 

Another challenge of that space is that there is a lot of 'street furniture' that we needed to work around. Obviously this impacts where we can put certain elements of the event. 

happy client says

"We decided to work with Cuckoo on this event because their proposal best matched our objectives. 

This was our first time to work with Cuckoo and it was clear from their proposal and subsequent discussions with them that they fully understood the goal of the event. The event committee believed in Cuckoo’s ability to deliver the event to a high standard. 

The event was a great success and was well managed.

Most importantly it attracted large numbers of people who had a positive experience and who now know what the local area has to offer." 

Clyde Carroll, Director of Marketing & Communications, DublinTown