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What we’ve done in Event Safety

Dublin Marathon, October 2015

We worked with the team at the Dublin Marathon this year advising on how best to ensure the safety of the 15,216 participants, including producing the Event Management Plan as well as supplying an 11-person Safety Management Team.

A fixture on the country's sporting calendar since 1980, the Dublin Marathon has grown into one of the most popular full marathons, the world over. Today the Dublin Marathon actually leads all other European marathons in the number of international entrants it attracts.

Estimated at being worth close to €10m to the Irish economy, the Dublin Marathon is going from strength to strength each year, thanks to the ongoing efforts of a team of dedicated volunteers with a small amount of professional support. 

What we did

We worked with the team at the Dublin Marathon in the months leading up to the event this year as well as on the day of the event itself. 

In our capacity as Safety Consultants, we put together the Event Management Plan for the event and lead the engagement with the statutory agencies and stakeholders. As a sporting event the Dublin Marathon isn't technically subject to event licensing, but we go through the same process anyway for events of this size. 

We also worked with the Board of Directors to develop an enhanced training offering for the volunteers on whom the event rely. We're hoping to work with them on an ongoing basis to further enhance and develop this element of the Dublin Marathon in the years to come. 

On the day of the event itself we had a Safety Consultant on site as well as an 11-person Safety Management Team. They all got stuck in as needed and helped ensure the event ran well. 

  • Event Planning
    • Production of Event Management Plan
    • Route survey & review
    • Liaison with all stakeholders
    • Attendance at statutory meetings
    • Development of enhanced maps & drawings
  • Volunteer Support
    • Production of volunteer training materials
    • Provision of multiple volunteer training sessions
    • Proposal for development of volunteer management
  • Stakeholder Liaison
    • Statutory agency liaison
    • Local stakeholder liaison
    • Supplier liaison
  • Supplier Management
    • Liaison with all suppliers
    • Review of all supplier documentation
    • Collation of all relevant documentation
  • Staffing
    • Provision of 1 x Safety Consultant
    • Provision of 11 x Safety Management Staff

The general gist of it

  • 11 Safety Management Staff
  • 15,216 participants
  • 372 temporary toilets
  • over 1000 volunteers on race day
  • 14 hydration stations
  • 140,000 bottles of water
  • 43,000 bottles of Lucozade
  • 1842 traffic cones
  • 4 waves of runners
  • 2890 barriers used

Why we loved this one

The Dublin Marathon is an amazing event to be part of. 

It's run pretty much entirely by a dedicated group of volunteers from the Board through to those out on the route during the event. 

We always enjoy working on events with a strong volunteer contingent. We've all volunteered on events ourselves, indeed we still do, and it's a great opportunity for us all to learn from one another. 

The atmosphere at every stage of the marathon was phenomenal. The passion of the volunteers, the participants and the supporters was tangible. 

We're hopefully going to be working with the Dublin Marathon team on an ongoing basis on a number of projects.

Some of the challenges

Any event this size is challenging. 

There are a very large number of moving parts all of which need to be coordinated and planned well. Key messages then need to be communicated to all those involved in ensuring the event runs well.

While this is challenging, it can be done. We do this well.

happy client says

'Our relationship with Mags Connelly and Cuckoo Events has benefited the SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon and Race Series by producing Event Management Plans to the highest standards. Timing and quality have always met our exceptions and all work was communicated in a professional and timely manner.

The process that Mags presided over helped transform our event planning to a unified, recurring plan. Today we are living the benefits as we have a clear vision of what our plans should contain.  

I consider Mags Connelly a reliable partner who has proven to be creative in problem resolution, reliable in time commitments, and overall consistent in meeting our expectations. The work was above and beyond what we could have expected in a short time frame.'

Jim Aughney, Race Director, SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon