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What we’ve done in Event Safety

Dublin Bay Prawn Festival, Howth, April 2015

We worked with the committee as well as various stakeholders to ensure the 2015 Dublin Bay Prawn Festival was as successful as possible. It was a superb event.

The Dublin Bay Prawn Festival took place in Howth from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April 2015.

Run predominantly by a local voluntary committee, the event has grown in recent years to seeing upwards of 40,000 people attending over the course of the weekend.

With, as you'd expect, a whole lot of prawns cooked and served over the weekend as well as a full programme of complementary events, it's garnered a reputation as having something for the whole family. 

There is a funfair that sets up in Howth for the duration of the festival too, adding to the attraction for young and old. 

What we did

We were brought in on this one to help where we could as a result of the surge in popularity of the event in recent years and the anticipated large numbers. With that in mind, we were on hand to assist and advise in a wide variety of areas. 

  • Event Planning
    • Advised on Event Management Plan
    • Assisted with Risk Assessments
    • Advised on various obligations
    • Present at various advance meetings
  • Event Management
    • On-site presence for festival
    • Management of key developments
    • Liaison between key stakeholders
    • Advised on staff / volunteer briefing structure
    • Advised on interactions with vendors
  • Suppliers
    • Advised on supplier interaction
    • Recommended key suppliers
    • Advised on H&S requirements for suppliers & vendors
  • Post-event
    • Production of Post-Event Report (PER)
    • Continued liaison with committee

The general gist of it

  • 40,000+ people
  • 3 large marquees
  • Picnic area
  • Soft play area
  • Great programme of events
  • 2 bars
  • Some lunatic ice-water swimmers
  • Hundreds of thousands of prawns

Why we loved this one

We enjoy becoming involved with events that are naturally growing and developing.

Working with a strong committee that realises they may need some professional expertise to ensure their event is able to continue to grow and develop at a good pace is always gratifying.

The committee actively approached Fingal County Council looking for help and advice and they suggested involving ourselves. 

The event was a great one. There are some great people involved and Mags enjoyed working on it with them. 

Some of the challenges

The event is held on land owned and operated by the Irish Government.

The 'landlord', in practical terms, is the local Harbour Master and he was a key stakeholder from the outset.

This simply means there are considerations due to proximity to the water that you might not otherwise have. 

Mags worked closely with both he and the committee to ensure that all requirements were met, thus allowing the event to proceed as planned. 

happy client says

'In advance of the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival 2015 we asked Fingal County Council for help in professionalising the event as it had grown incredibly in scale and we were expecting 40,000 people to attend over the course of the weekend.  Fingal County Council referred Mags Connelly of Cuckoo Events to us and we are so glad that they did.

Mags assisted in the run up the event with safety documentation and event management processes, being especially helpful in answering some of the trickier queries that were beyond our experience to address. 

During the event, she responded rapidly to control event operations as the numbers attending swelled rapidly and her calm manner and obvious experience in dealing with these types of situations addressed the very few issues that arose quickly and professionally.

We found Mags' experience and knowledge invaluable in helping us through this years Dublin Bay Prawn Festival.

It added greatly to the professionalism of the event and I can highly recommend her and Cuckoo Events for safety / operations management of any large leisure event.'

Aoife Healy Chair, Visit Howth Peninsula Ltd and Dublin Bay Prawn Festival.