What we’ve done in Event Safety

Darkness Into Light, Malahide, 2015

We LOVE being a part of the Darkness Into Light events. We enjoy working with Brian and Fiona on the committee as well as Marie and Kieran in HQ to make the Malahide event better each year.

This was our second year working on this one. There were a lot of changes this year as a result of our review of last year's event as well as the One Day International Cricket match taking place in Malahide Castle around the same time.

We had to move the start and finish point as well as alter the route. This had knock on effects on a variety of elements of the event. 

What we did

Despite this being our second year working with the Darkness Into Light committee and Pieta House centrally on the event in Malahide there was a lot of work involved in the planning stages due to changes from the previous year's event.

Once again it was a fantastic event with a truly unique atmosphere. 

  • Event Planning
    • Development of Event Management Plan
    • Multiple meetings & site visits
    • Production of site maps
  • Event Production
    • Sourcing & coordination of suppliers
    • Negotiation on costs
  • Event Safety Management
    • Provision of Event Controller & Safety Officer
    • Provision of 6-person Safety Management Team
  • Transport Management
    • Development of Transport Management Plan
    • Provision of 4 x Transport Management Staff

The general gist of it

  • over 6,000 participants
  • 5km of a walk
  • nice tea & coffee
  • 250 barriers
  • 1000 metres of festoon lighting
  • 6 security staff
  • over 100 volunteers
  • loads of animals (on leads)
  • low level lighting
  • 15 portable toilets
  • 6 VMS 
  • 1 large skip
  • 40 fire extinguishers
  • loads of helpful Fingal CoCo staff

Why we loved this one

Genuinely we love this event. As charity events go we've come across no other that has the same atmosphere as this event. 

There's a love and understanding in the air that normal charity events don't even have. 

Our staff request to be put on the Darkness Into Light event. That tells a story in itself. 

Some of the challenges

At the same time DIL was taking place we were also involved in the ODI Cricket match between Ireland and England, which took place in the grounds of Malahide Castle the evening before DIL. The break of the cricket build was underway as the DIL event took place. 

The first challenge this presented was that we had to alter the DIL route as the infrastructure for the cricket was blocking our 2014 route.

Then, on the morning of the event, we had over 5,000 people on the DIL route as the temporary seating and structures for the cricket were being dismantled. 

Our two project teams had to coordinate well in order to make sure both could happen simultaneously.