What we’ve done in Event Safety

Darkness Into Light, Malahide, 2014

Having done a small bit of work on the Darkness Into Light event in Phoenix Park in 2013, we were delighted to get the chance to work with the DIL, North Dublin committee and Kieran and Marie in Pieta House on the event in Malahide this year.

We got involved in this one pretty late in the day. Last year's North Dublin event was held in Newbridge House. This year's move to Malahide Castle as well as the expected increase in numbers saw Pieta House looking to involve Fingal County Council and a professional event management company to help the committee make the event as safe and successful as possible. 

Given our relationship with the Events Unit in Fingal CoCo, we were able to all come together at late enough notice to pull together a lot of resources to make this one happen.

The committee had an awful lot of work done already on this one. We just came on board to add that touch of experience to things and the safety knowledge. 

The general gist of it

  • almost 5,000 participants
  • 2 large inflatable arches
  • lots of dogs
  • over 100 volunteers
  • over 20 Fingal CoCo staff
  • thousands of tea lights
  • a few light towers
  • 15 portable toilets
  • 1 Event Control Unit
  • 40+ scouts
  • 3 ambulances
  • 1 tractor

Why we loved this one

The bottom line with Darkness Into Light is that it's a wonderful event with a fantastic atmosphere.

We've been talking to Pieta House on it for a couple of years and were delighted to finally get to be a part of it. We really enjoyed working with the committee and the volunteers. It's always great to see people come together to make something like this happen.

We were a small part of it and we're happy to have been so.

Some of the challenges

The biggest challenge with this was the lighting situation in the woods. 

About 65% of the whole route took participants through wooded areas which were pitch dark. 

We needed to put a plan in place to light these sections enough to make them safe without detracting from the 'darkness' element of the event. This took a lot of planning and site visits in the dead of night, as well as a solid 28 hours each for 2 of our staff putting lights in position along the route. 

We THINK we managed it. We have had no reports of slips / trips through the woods and had no complaints about the level of lighting on the event either.