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What we’ve done in Event Safety

International Cricket ODI, Malahide, May 15

We worked with Fingal County Council and Cricket Ireland for months in advance of this event. The event was subject to the full licensing process and, as such, there was a huge amount of planning involved.

It isn't often an international sporting event of this size lands in your backyard. 

With 10,000 tickets sold this one was always going to be very well attended. All those people need somewhere to sit, which involves building a lot of temporary seating stands around the oval at Malahide Cricket Club. We were involved on the Event Safety side of things and our responsibilities began well in advance of the game. 

The build on this one was almost a month long and we'd to oversee the entire thing and ensure all was done properly. 

Fair play to Fingal County Council and Cricket Ireland for bringing the event here and running it so well. 

What we did

We attended and coordinated multiple meetings in the planning stages, maintained oversight from an Event Safety perspective during the build phase and provided the Safety Officer for the actual event. 

This event went through the full icensing process, which meant a lot of work and back and forth with site drawings etc. and more. 

  • Licence Application
    • Production of full Licence Application
    • Attendance at multiple advance meetings
    • Coordination of contractor inputs
  • Event Planning & Management
    • Production of Event Management Plan
    • Attendance at statutory meetings
    • Staff briefing
  • Event Safety
    • Provision of Safety Officer
    • Regular site visits in advance of event
    • Coordination of crowd management
  • Contractors
    • Compilation of supplier paperwork file
    • Oversight of site-build contractor activity
    • Liaison with contractors
  • Post-event
    • Production of Post-Event Report (PER)
    • Continued liaison with clients
    • Attendance at post-event meetings

The general gist of it

  • 10,000 people
  • 3 week site build
  • 1 large two-storey temporary structure
  • Loads of temporary seating stands
  • 1 large SKY outside broadcast setup
  • lots of volunteers

Why we loved this one

We always enjoy being involved in events with a lot of moving parts. This one had a lot to it from months out, as a result of the variety of stakeholders and contractors involved. Putting together a full license application is a lot of work but we enjoy it. 

Add to that the fact that we always enjoy working with Fingal County Council too. 

Some of the challenges

The build involved in this event involved multiple contracctors. The interaction between and management of those contractors was challenging by its very nature. Luckily the particular contractors involved were some of the best in the business and their professionalism ensured this wasn't more work than it needed to be. 

Another challenge on this event was that there was another event taking place on the grounds of Malahide Castle the day after this event and at the same time as the break was commencing.

The annual Darkness Into Light event was being run by us also, which meant that our 2 project teams needed to liaise closely to ensure both event could happen without either negatively impacting the other. 

happy client says

'Cricket Ireland brought Cuckoo on board to look after the licensing and Event Management Planning for the One Day International Cricket match between Ireland and England in Malahide. They worked closely with ourselves in Fingal County Council and all stakeholders to ensure the event was safe and successful. 

Mags, in particular, was invaluable during the entire process, ensuring all elements of the build and break were conducted safely. Having such an experienced Safety Officer oversee the whole thing takes the pressure off.'

As usual, Cuckoo delivered for us.'

Paul Barnes, Fingal County Council Events