What we’ve done in Event Management

Cork Science Festival 2015

We worked with Marcela and the Cork Science Festival organising team to develop the event this year, focusing mainly on the events in City Hall.

This was our first year involved in the Cork Science Festival and it was a fun project to work on. Our brief involved a production remit, which is an area we are doing more and more work in lately.

Marcela and her team knew what they wanted to achieve this year and we were delighted to work closely with them to make it happen. 

What we did

We did a lot of work on the production end of the festival. The idea was to enhance the visual customer journey through the events in City Hall in Cork. 

The attractions in City Hall are always extremely popular, yet the overall 'feel' of the event was a bit disjointed. We helped the organisers to create more of a consistent atmosphere and visual identity to the events. 

  • Production Services
    • Development of concept
    • Realisation of concept
    • Creation of production elements
    • Build & break of production elements
  • Supplier Sourcing & Management
    • Sourcing of suppliers
    • Negotiation with suppliers
    • Review of all supplier documentation
    • Collation of all relevant documentation
  • Safety Planning & Management
    • Supplier documentation collation & review
    • On-site Risk Assessment
    • Liaison with venue management
    • Dynamic Risk Assessment & Safety Management
  • Staffing
    • Provision of 1 x Event Producer
    • Provision of 1 x Event Team

The general gist of it

  • 5 larger-than-life figures
  • Over 5,000 attendees
  • Medi-Evil Medecine Show
  • The Ugly Animal Roadshow
  • Festival of Space
  • A comedy show about frogs

Why we loved this one

It's no secret that we always enjoy working on events that are somewhat out of the norm and we also love working on events that are largely geared towards young people. 

The Cork Science Festival ticked both those boxes and it also saw us working with some amazing people in Cork City Council, in Marcela and her team. They really love this event and that's infectious when you get to work on it with them.

Being involved on the production and design end of things is particularly enjoyable too as you get to see your ideas come to life and, in some instances, you're physically assembling your ideas too.

Some of the challenges

It's always somewhat of a challenge when you get involved in an event that's well-established already. We were tasked with working with Marcela and her team on the production elements of the festival. The goal was to make it more impactful and visual to do justice to some of the amazing attractions in City Hall as part of the festival.

That said, our team dovetailed beautifully with the Cork City Council team and the results speak for themselves. The festival benefited from our combined efforts and, as a result, so did the 5,000+ people who came to City Hall over two days to enjoy it. 


happy client says

'In advance of the event, the Cuckoo team communicated very well with us, asking the right questions to ensure they met our needs while maintaining the integrity of this event, built up over 10 years.

Our project was placed in the capable hands of Elaine Fitzsimon, who was very attentive to all queries and ideas, ensured she had all the information she needed to fulfil the brief, and was extremely responsive to adjustments to the plan. She sourced some excellent suppliers for some very unusual design elements, and used her own skills to integrate all the ideas cohesively.

Elaine built up a rapport quickly with my exhibitors.

Over the course of the event we benefited from Cuckoo’s professional perspective and will be implementing more improvements in 2016 based on their recommendations.

Engaging Cuckoo Events was excellent value for the input they made to improving Cork Science Festival both in 2015 and into its second decade.

I have no hesitation in recommending Cuckoo Events, and I hope to work with them again.'

Marcela Whelan-Kelly, Coordinator, Cork Science Festival