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What we’ve done in Event Production

Colour Dashes, Irish Cancer Society, 2014

This year was our 2nd year helping out the Irish Cancer Society with their Colour Dash(es). 2014 saw 3 events being held after the success of the one in Dublin last year.

Phoenix Park in Dublin, University of Limerick, and Balincollig Park in Cork were the venues for the 3 Irish Cancer Society Colour Dashes this year. 

We got involved with last year's Colour Dash late in the day when we offered to bring along our custom-built paint bazookas to help cover the participants in paint. We use these bazookas along with cannons, lances and blasters on our PaintGlow events and we knew they'd work really well for the Colour Dash too. 

With 2013's event being so successful, Anna, Kate, Sarah and all the team in the Irish Cancer Society decided to expand to Cork and Limerick this year. 

We began working with them on these months in advance and spent a lot of time on the phones and going back and forth on emails. We wanted to help make sure the expansion was successful and that things would continue to go from strength to strength, year on year. 

Across the 3 events we showered people in paint, provided loads of garden games and entertainment as well as providing some temporary structures too. 

We got stuck in on the days of the events and gave them a hand wherever they needed it. 

The general gist of it

  • thousands of people
  • 3 nationwide venues
  • lots of space hoppers
  • tonnes of paint powder
  • some very stylish runners
  • serious warm up routines
  • lovely orange gazebos
  • 1 very colouredy van

Why we loved this one

We always love being able to help develop an event and improve it with the client. 

We made ourselves available to the team in the Irish Cancer Society for their Colour Dash event last year and were delighted to work with them again this year. 

It's a cause we care about and being able to work with them to raise funds for research is very rewarding. Being able to marry what you enjoy doing with a cause you feel is worthy is great. What's not to love?

Some of the challenges

As we were only looking after some very specific elements of the Colour Dash, the main challenge was NOT getting overly involved in other areas. 

This wasn't our gig, as such. We were just helping out and trying to make it as successful as possible.

We offered advice on anything we were asked and we made recommendations in a variety of areas. We enjoy doing this when clients are amenable to it. It can be difficult to do, without stepping on toes, but we've become very good at it by now. 

happy client says

"Cuckoo ensured that our entertainment ran smoothly from start to finish.

They were always on hand with advice and dealt with everything in a calm manner - no problem could phase these guys!

Most importantly the guys at Cuckoo are an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would have no hesitation recommending them!"

Kate O'Reilly, National Campaigns Officer