What we’ve done in Event Safety

Christmas Under The Clock 2015

We worked with Dublin City Council and Cultural Producer / Project Director, Iseult Byrne, to bring this new fixture on the Christmas events calendar in Dublin to life.

The Christmas Under The Clock events are a new fixture on the Christmas events calendar in Dublin. The idea was to animate the area on O'Connell Street around Clery's and the GPO in the run up to Christmas. 

We worked with Iseult Byrne and the Events Unit in DCC to come up with activity that could work Thursday to Sunday for two weeks running as well as a flagship event on each of the Sundays that saw aerial group Fidget Feet perform above the crowds on O'Connell Street as well as on the columns of the GPO.

What we did

We helped plan, produce and manage 8 days of activity across two weeks in the run-up to Christmas. We did it with partners we'd not worked with before and at very short notice. We all worked well together and the events were a success.

Each week's activity culminated in an aerial performance on the Sunday, flying high above O'Connell Street and on the 6 pillars of the GPO. 

It was extremely challenging and extremely rewarding. It involved involvement from a large number of our Team and helped instill some serious Christmas cheer in us all. 

The general gist of it

  • 1 large crane
  • 6 flutic Ionic columns on the GPO
  • 12 aerial performers
  • 1 log cabin
  • a load of picket fencing
  • 3 drag queens with stunning voices
  • 1 flying Santa
  • a whole lot of 'carol-oke'
  • multiple puppet shows
  • hundreds of Christmas wishes

Why we loved this one

What's not to love about helping bring 8 days of free, family fun to Dublin at Christmas time? 

We really enjoyed this one. We spent 2 weeks, Thursday to Sundays, entertaining shoppers on O'Connell Street with everything from carol-oke through to performances from some of the city's best drag queens. We gathered hundreds of Christams wishes and got schooled by loads of children on how hopscotch is played.

Clery's, since it closed, has had a big impact on that side of O'Connell Street. We were delighted to play a part in animating the area for a few weeks and bringing some joy to so many people.

In particular, working on the aerial performances by Fidget Feet on the 2 Sundays was something special. It's not often you get the chance to do a show like that on the capital's main street.

The whole thing was magical. We loved it. 

Some of the challenges

There were plenty of challenges with this one but they made it all the more enjoyable that it was successful. 

We all had to turn this around at very short notice. That's the nature of these things sometimes. Multiple parties came together to make it happen. Despite some not having worked together before, the team was formidable. 

Another key challenge was in safely planning and executing the 2 aerial performances. There was no road closure for the shows. All build, rigging, rehearsal and performance took place with the roads fully operational. We worked closely with DCC, An Gards Síochána, Fidget Feet and all our suppliers to make this work seamlessly. 

Overcoming the challenges and making all this happen was seriously rewarding.