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What we’ve done in Event Management

Carnival Ball, CASSD, Mar 15

The Chartered Accountants Students Society Dublin held their annual Ball in the Burlington recently with a little help from us.

We were delighted to have won the pitch for this event. 

The challenge of putting on a large themed ball event, for a client that was looking to change things up, was something we couldn't let pass us by. We really wanted this one and we went and got it. 

We'd 800 people in the Burlington for a super party.

A carnival-type ball COULD be 'easy' to do but we went all out. We made the whole evening an experience from start to finish and the feedback we got from the client was superb. 

We're already looking forward to next year's event. 

What we did

CASSD had worked with another events company for a few years before they came to us with this one. We knew we could add value to what they do and we were keen to prove it. 

  • Theme Development
    • Concept work
    • Sample sourcing
    • Element ordering & storage
    • Supplier liaison
  • Budget Management
    • Established budget and priorities
    • Update meetings
    • Final budget control
  • Suppliers
    • Price negotiation
    • Liaison with hotel
    • Liaison with entertainers
    • Liaison with suppliers
  • Event Management
    • Provision of Event Management staff
    • Schedule production
    • Coordination of schedule of events on the night
    • Liaison with all stakeholders

The general gist of it

  • 800 happy accountants
  • 3 samba dancers
  • 2 drummers
  • 400 masks
  • 960 sets of beads
  • 1 beautiful photo area
  • 80 stunning centrepieces
  • 1 wicked close-up magician

Why we loved this one

Seán and the nice people on the CASSD committee were great to deal with. They are really nice people and our team clicked with them from the outset.

We enjoy doing these big ball events with really visual themes.

We loved putting on such a good show for a 1st time client. 

Some of the challenges

There were no significant challenges on this one, other than the pressure we were under with a brand new client. We always want to do a great job for all our clients. When working with one for the first time we know we need to impress.

Pressure aside, it all went really well. The committee were easy to deal with. The hotel staff were easy to deal with. 

All the suppliers were easy to deal with. 

It all came together beautifully. 

happy client says

"The Ball was fantastic. Everyone was genuinely impressed.

Everything from the room decoration, the magician, the dancers / drummers – we all agreed it couldn’t have gone / looked better than the way it did!

The compliments were flowing in and all the rest of the committee were delighted with Elaine and her approach and helpfulness and behind the scenes work.

You guys definitely took the stress out of the evening!"

Sean P O'Sullivan, CASSD