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What we’ve done in Event Safety

Brian Boru Events, Swords, Apr 2014

Featuring a Torch & Fire Parade through Swords and followed by a great fireworks display, the Brian Boru events we worked were a fantastic experience.

With this year marking 1000 years since the Battle of Clontarf and the death of Brian Boru, there has been a large programme of events to mark the occasion. 

One of those was the Swords Commemoration Weekend which we worked on with Fingal County Council.

The main elements of the weekend were the Fire & Torch Parade featuring an awful lot of vikings which proceeded through Swords followed by a huge fireworks display on the Friday evening. 

Around 7,000 people turned out to line the Main St. of Swords before following the parade into the Town Park to enjoy the spectacular fireworks. 

The weather was great with the sun out all day long and the skies staying fairly clear for the fireworks. 

The atmosphere for the whole event was fantastic with many of the vikings themselves commenting on how great an event it was. 

The general gist of it

  • 1 superb pipe band
  • 12 minutes of spectacular fireworks
  • 7,000 spectators
  • 600 barriers
  • multiple rolling road closures
  • 30 two-way radios
  • 1 impressive Viking Village
  • LOTS of fire

Why we loved this one

We love being challenged. We really do. 

As far as we know a Torch & Fire Parade like this has not happened in Ireland before and we were delighted to be involved in making sure the event was a safe one. 

Having previously done events with huge bonfires in wooded areas, and doing them safely, we seem to be developing a reputation as being specialists in events involving fire. 

We loved everything that came with making this safe. 

Some of the challenges

On this one the challenges were what made us love it, as outlined above. 

Any event that sees thousands of people at an event involving fire is challenging. It's always going to be challenging. 

The trick is having the right team, the right planning, the right resources and the right management. 

We're lucky in that those are always elements we have in place when we work with Fingal County Council. 

happy client says

'Cuckoo worked with us on our Brian Boru events and we were glad to have them. With the Fire Parade through Swords we were running an event the likes of which has not been seen in Ireland before.

Most people wouldn't even consider doing an event like this but we were determined to do it and we knew we could do it safely. Cuckoo helped on the safety side.

The Fire Parade was a great success, as was the fireworks display in the Castle. Cuckoo's presence helped ensure all went off without a hitch.'

Paul Barnes, Fingal County Council Events