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Bray Air Display, Summerfest, July 2014

As Ireland's largest free air display, and having attracted north of 85,000 people in 2013, this year's event was always going to be huge.

Launched in 2005, the annual Bray Air Display as part of Bray Summerfest is the largest free Air Display in Ireland.

Lasting a full 3 hours and featuring everything from commercial planes to acrobatic displays, helicopters to parachute displays, a temporary Air Traffic Control unit and a huge crowd, this really is the premier Air Display in Ireland. 

Every year Irish Rail are having to put on more and more extra trains to bring the masses to Bray and back for the day. 

The weather always seems to be fantastic and this year was no exception. 

The crowds reached 88,000 people and the sun came out to play. 

The general gist of it

  • 88,000 people
  • A LOT of trains
  • 1 RAF Helicopter
  • 3 hours of aerial entertainment
  • 1 'Flying Dentist'
  • 1 'Flying Farmer'
  • Twister Team Trio
  • 1 giant Aer Lingus A321
  • 1 large media area
  • 1 temporary Air Traffic Control tower

Why we loved this one

This is the largest free air display annually in Ireland. Why would we NOT love being involved in this one?

This is our first year working with the team in Bray Summerfest and the Air Display is the largest event in their programme each year. 

With 88,000 people gathering in Bray to watch the show and enjoy the attractions, there's a lot of planning that goes into staging it and keeping everyone safe, which is where we got involved. 

Martin in here was the Safety Officer for the event. 

The 88,000 people seres stretched along the Seafront and up along Bray Head too. It was a large area to be looking after all those people. 

Martin enjoyed every minute of it. 

Some of the challenges

There are challenges inherent in the fact that the crowd is so large. 

88,000 people is more people than fill Croke Park. Hopefully that helps put it in perspective. 

The challenges of looking after that many people in a space that isn't a custom-designed event space like Croke Park or the Aviva Stadium is significant. It's a challenge and it's the type of challenge we love. 

An event like this needs a lot of planning and a lot of systems and policies in place to ensure eventualities are covered. A lot of these are things that the absolute vast majority of the public will never encounter or see the benefit of.

That's how we like it to be. We'll do the work, we'll be prepared for everything we can reasonably be prepared for 

happy client says

"This year Bray Air Display worked with Cuckoo Events. Their input and professionalism ensured the success of the event."

David Forde, Deputy Festival Director, Bray Summerfest