What we’ve done in Event Safety

Battle for the Lake, Sep 2015

We worked with Francois and all the mad people in Pure Magic on their Battle for the Lake festival out on Achill Island. The whole thing revolves around windsurfing and watersports and it was an amazing weekend.

The Battle for the Lake is one in a series of events the good folks at Pure Magic run. 

It's been growing steadily. They've got the local authority in Mayo and the locals on board, which is helpful. They're regulars out there as the surfing and windsurfing is really good so they're well known and people trust they'll not disrespect the place.

They brought us in due to the growth the event is experienced. They wanted some professional input and oversight on the safety and management of the event.

We enjoy working with them. They really are a great bunch. 

What we did

  • Event Planning
    • Custom site survey & measurements
    • Production of Event Management Plan
    • Production of site drawings
  • Supplier Sourcing & Management
    • Sourcing of suppliers for all elements
    • Negotiation with suppliers
    • Review of all supplier documentation
    • Collation of all relevant documentation
  • Event Management
    • Management of event site
    • Transport Management
    • Programming management
  • Staffing
    • Provision of 1 x Event Controller
    • Provision of 1 x Safety Officer
  • Stakeholder Liaison
    • Statutory agency liaison
    • Local stakeholder liaison
    • Supplier liaison

The general gist of it

  • 1 giant scary skull
  • a lot of kites in the sky
  • around 500 people 
  • loads of giant furniture
  • loads of happy smiling kids' faces
  • amazing fire performers
  • some superb surfing
  • a few drops of rain

Why we loved this one

This is a really fun event. We love working with promoters / event organisers that are truly passionate about what they're doing. Francois and the Pure Magic team are exactly that. 

They LOVE kitesurfing and they love to party. Put those two great loves together and you get events like the Battle for the Lake and the Battle for the Bay event they hold in Dublin.

On a more personal level, members of our own Team are absolute water babies so were delighted to work on this one. 

Some of the challenges

The lovely people at Pure Magic are characters. They're passionate and they love their kitesurfing and love putting great events on for the kitesurfing community and beyond. 

Marrying this passion and drive to go bigger and better with practicalities and realities of running an event for the public can be challenging. 

To be fair, Francois and Co are not the worst and we've a great way of working together to make their events great ones. 

happy client says

'Our team had the chance of working with the Cuckoo crew for our festival on Achill island in 2015.

From the first communication, to the delivery of their services, we have been very impressed by their professionalism and passion for the eventing. Top welcoming, efficient feasibility study, very sharp advice and top job all the way. They work with you and your ideas, your vision, to make it happen.

There is no compromise with them and there is only one job, the right job. We sometimes were tempted to cut some corners or save here and there and Mag was extremely strict and that opened our eyes on the importance of each detail.

Working with the Cuckoo crew is a pleasure, privilege and a masterclass of fine work and not only we plan to do much more with them but we highly recommend Mark and Mags and all their team for any size event you plan.

Well done Cuckoo!!!

(Plus they are very friendly and a bit crazy too, which you need in this world)'

Francois Colussi, Pure Magic Events