What we’ve done in Event Safety

Baldoyle Mayfest 2017

We worked with Fingal County Council, the Baldoyle Forum, the Abbey Park and District Residents Association Baldoyle and Na Dubh Ghall GAA to organise a fantastic family fun day in Baldoyle Racecourse.

We were delighted to win a tender to work with Fingal CoCo on both this family fun day and another in in August in Blanchardstown. 

We work with Fingal quite regularly and we run family fun days like this one for a wide variety of clients. This meant we felt we were in a good position to put a strong submission forward. Thankfully the people evaluating the tenders felt ours was the strongest submission and we got t work on this Mayfest event in Bladoyle.

We were particularly keen to help build on the success of last year's inaugural Mayfest. We always enjoy working with clients to help develop something that's already proven to be successful. The local community really bought into Mayfest in 2016, which gave us a great starting point for this year. 

What we did

We worked on content, site layout, safety and vendor liaison to make sure the event was as safe and enjoyable as possible for all the attendees. Combining our Crowd & Event Safety expertise with our programming nous is something we very much enjoy. 

  • Event Planning & Management
    • Site survey & design
    • Production of site maps & signage
    • Production of comprehensive Event Management Plan
    • Provision of Event Management Team
  • Event Safety
    • Provision of Event Controller
    • Provision of Safety Officer
    • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
    • Production of the Safety File
    • Compilation of vendor paperwork
    • Advice safe outdoor food delivery
  • Statutory Liaison
    • Liaison with Fingal CoCo
    • Liaison with the Gardaí
    • Liaison with DFB
    • Liaison with Medical supplier
  • Stakeholder Management
    • Active management of stakeholders pre, during & post-event
    • Effective interaction to allow for smooth running of the event
    • Post-Event engagement to inform future events

The general gist of it

  • 1 x 30ft zipline

  • 8 inflatables

  • 6 food vendors

  • 30 local exhibitors

  • 1 kids' play area

  • 7 performers on stage

  • 50 picnic tables

  • 1 very fashionable dog

Why we loved this one

Family fun events are one of our favourite events to work on.

We always look for that moment during an event where it hits home that all the work we put in to it has been worthwhile. Family fun events provide those moments in spades. Seeing families enjoy what we've programmed is a great feeling.

Some of the challenges

The weather in the run-up to the event was a little worrying.

The forecast was for high winds, which would impact on both the stage and some of the inflatables. In the days immediately ebfore the event we had some heavy rain too. There was a real risk this would affect what elements of the event could go ahead, given a change in the ground conditions. 

In the end, we had to briefly shut a couple of attractions when the winds picked up specifically but the weather had a very minimal impact on the day, thankfully. 

happy client says

'Having reviewed all the tender submissions we received as part of a competitive tender process for the Baldoyle Mayfest and the Blanchardstown Family Fun Day events, we felt that what Cuckoo offered very much hit the mark. 
We've worked with Cuckoo before and know the standard to which they work. They understand how to run family fun events and all the nuances that are needed in liaising with the various agencies; most importantly engagement with the several community organisations and the challenges there. 
These events are not as easy as they sometimes look but with a good extended Team delivering them, they can be made to look quite easy and to work quite well. 
We were very happy with what Elaine and the Team in Cuckoo did for us at Baldoyle and look forward to working with them on the upcoming Blanchardstown event.'
Paul Barnes, Events Officer, Fingal County Council