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What we’ve done in Event Management

Babytalk Festival, UCD, Feb 2014

We got involved with Marie and Rachel in Babytalk back in 2013 when they were planning the event. They wanted to partner with an event company which, as well as being able to get stuff done, would also be able to help and advise them along the way. We LOVE being those people and we REALLY LOVED being those people for Babytalk

We first spoke to Rachel and Marie from Curious Design back in August last year. They told us all about the 'Babytalk fantasticness' they were looking to put on in 6 months time. That was literally the subject title of their first mail. We liked them immediately. 

We loved the approach they were taking to the whole thing. A pregnancy / mother and baby festival but with less of the impersonal approach taken to similar events by others. The two girls really wanted to make the event into more of a festival vibe, being sure to put together an offering that would appeal to a market they KNEW existed. 

We worked with them on an ongoing basis advising them in all aspects of the world of events, looking to make things happen as per their vision. We did everything from the Event Management Plan through to providing the core event team for the 2 days. We sorted the insurance and answered many a question from many an attendee across the two days. 

What we did

We really enjoyed working on this one with Rachel & Marie and bringing it from concept to completion. We did everything we could to make it work like thney wanted it to. 

  • Event Planning & Management
    • Risk Assessment
    • Production of Event Management Plan
    • Medical Management
    • Liaison with stakeholders
    • Venue liaison
  • Consulting
    • Budgetary advice
    • Insurance advice
    • Venue layout advice
  • Event Staffing
    • Event Controller
    • Safety Officer
    • Event Team
    • Medical Coordinator
  • Suppliers
    • Sourcing of suitable suppliers
    • Liaison with suppliers
    • Suppler management
  • Event Review
    • Production of Post-Event Review
    • Review meetings

The general gist of it

  • Over 3,000 people
  • 1 speaker's room
  • 1 children's play area
  • A few very funny comedians
  • 60 exhibitors
  • 12 packed talks 
  • 1 fun cloth nappy demo
  • 3 baby feeding areas
  • 1 private feeding area
  • 4 baby changing areas
  • 14 shows on the main stage
  • 1 super popular reading areas 
  • 1 busy face painter
  • 1 handy buggy park
  • 2 amazing organisers
  • 1 VERY giddy Cuckoo team

Why we loved this one

We LOVED working with Rachel and Marie. They were doing this for all the right reasons and their focus all the time was on the vibe and the offering to the public. We knew from the start that this gig would be fun to work on and that was most definitely the case. 

The two girls are genuinely nice people and you know how we feel about nice people. 

Nothing was dictated by sponsors or on commercial considerations which is rare these days. 

Some of the challenges

We thought that working with people new to running festivals and events may be a challenge on this one. It wasn't. Rachel and Marie are intelligent people and they have the knack for this stuff. 

We advised and we guided when we needed to but it was most defnitely not a case of hand-holding. 

The whole team - Babytalk, Cuckoo and Guardian (they covered medical) - was solid and it was those partners coming together and working well together that eliminated a lot of challenges that would have existed otherwise. 

happy client says

"We decided to look for an events company to bounce ideas off and advise us on all areas of the event that we were planning. We had lots of ideas but needed to know if some were feasible. We needed to find a team that understood exactly what we were trying to achieve and that spoke the same language as us. We researched several companies and instantly fell in love with the approach and tone that Cuckoo use. Even their quirky name appealed to us!

The Cuckoo team worked closely with us over the months leading up to Babytalk, they were always on hand to offer advice, contacts, guidance and even just for a chat.

During the festival itself, they took charge of managing all areas of health and safety, crowd management, and liased with and supported us throughout the weekend.

We would highly recommend Cuckoo and look forward to working with them again - we'll miss them!"

Rachel & Marie, Babytalk / Curious Design