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What we’ve done in Event Production

2ManyDJs, University of Limerick, 2013

The University of Limerick Students’ Union (ULSU) have been a good client for a long time now. On the 14th March 2013 they did their biggest ever gig, with 2ManyDJs playing outside in the main courtyard in UL.

We worked with Keith and the gang in ULSU in the run up to the gig to make sure all the production elements came together to make it a great show.

We also supplied the Safety Officer and Artist Liaisons for the event, as well as using it as a life assessment exercise for ULSU’s internal ENTS Crew Safety & Security Team whom we’d been training in FETAC Level 4 DSP.

The general gist of it

  • 2 2ManyDJs DJs, which I don’t think is too many
  • 2 Indian takeaways eaten on stage, during their performance
  • 1 superb mobile stage
  • 3 serious lasers
  • 1 lovely Green Room in the SU
  • 1 very cold night
  • 1 SU General Manager doing airport transfers. He’s sound.
  • 1 cool green Lemming walking the wall in the courtyard
  • 1 brand new Cuckoo Events branded mini motorbike unveiled

Why we loved this one

We always enjoy going back to UL and working with Keith. He’s a great client, as he trusts us implicitly and knows that we’re good at what we do. To be part of the biggest show they’d ever done down there was a great honour for us. It’s not often an act of that stature plays a University / College gig outside of the big ones in Dublin and we were delighted to be involved. 

Some of the challenges

2ManyDJs are a massive, touring DJ act and, as such, the production for the show was always going to be very important. We worked with Keith coordinate all the sound, lighting, staging, tech etc. to ensure that the show was a visual and auditory spectacular, befitting the calibre of act they’d secured. Now. That’s fancy talk, for you. The gig looked and sounded superb. 

happy client says

"This show was the biggest ULSU had ever done, and the biggest I'd run myself too. Having worked with Cuckoo Events on previous gigs, I was keen to have them involved in this one too.

Having them there is great for peace of mind. Their experience in all elements of the industry means they invariably end up giving us a dig out in areas they're not even technically there to look after. With Mark, Martin and Marian there I knew the safety and production angles would be 100%, as well as knowing the acts would be well received and looked after.

This gig was no exception. The feedack on the show, both from the act and people at the show, was great and some of that credit is definitely due to Cuckoo."

Keith Quinlan, Promotions & Events Manager, UL Students’ Union